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Rats! I missed posting yesterday and I'm trying not to beat myself up too bad about it but still... the consistency issue has got to be defeated! Not only am I missing out on the opportunity to read some great content, find awesome recipes, art project ideas, and challenges, I'm losing an opportunity to just write and potentially earn some pocket change.

Don't even mind this post, guys. It's garbage. I'm trying to put together a string of thoughts in the hopes of finding inspiration to write something. Anything. I'm tapped. I'm tired. Hell, I might even be borderline sick.


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Do you remember?

Speaking of potential earnings... If you've been on Steemit long enough and done a power down, what was your first purchase with your STEEM or SBD? I remember it was hurricane season last year. My husband was on the emergency response team after Hurricane Matthew.. I was scraping together what I could to send to him because we had no spare money beyond SBD. Thankfully he was provided with meals. My son and I basically lived off of ramen noodles for nearly 2 weeks as we waited for hubby's next paycheck.


Pearl Harbor Day

It's Pearl Harbor Day today and I paused today to wonder exactly how many of our WWII vets are still alive. Surely the majority of they are in their 90s, give or take a few years. So I moseyed over to the National WW2 Museum website. According to their statistics, approximately 362 WWII veterans die a day.

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Whoa, BTC!

$18,000+ per Bitcoin??? Wut...


screenshot from CMC
Now that hubby and I are settling into our new place, our attention is turning to alt coins and accumulating BTC to create a nest egg.


Whaddaya mean I can't eat no bread?

Double negative, I know but the reality is I think I have to remove bread from my diet.
Maybe I'm even starting to be gluten sensitive.

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For the last few months I haven't been eating very well. Lots of bagels and sandwiches. I couldn't seem to stop. I began to suffered terrible heartburn, sometimes being physically sick. Additionally there was rapid weight gain and I haven't had a rosacea flare up this bad since... Well, I can't remember, but my face is as pockmarked as a greasy teenager.

I've been feeling totally gross and yet I didn't want to put down the bagel.

Finally about a week ago I said, "That's it! No more bread."
I haven't had heartburn since. Not a single TUMS has been ingested.

But tonight...
I had a few forkfuls of baked ziti and immediately felt a little off. I didn't finish it.
In fact, my hunger is completely gone and I might be reaching for the antacid tonight.
Et tu, pasta?

WTF, body?!?

Yeah... and oatmeal, the super food and something I grew eating brings on projectile vomiting. I thought it was bad oats so I tried buying a new container with the same results. I can't even eat oatmeal cookies. I'm so frustrated!

Dear body, YOU SUCK.


I want to end this on a positive note though...

I talked to one of my Marines yesterday and he found out his permanent duty station is stateside! It's only a 12 hour drive to visit him. I'm thinking of taking a long weekend road trip to visit him in the spring. It's something to look forward to.

I think I'm going to give my eyes a break from the computer monitor and work on something in my sketch book. My markers are calling to me. Good night!


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Random comments: I never had heartburn until I got pregnant....now I can't drink water without getting heartburn. Weirdest thing. Nothing else bothers me. And bitcoin and SBD have been crazy lately! Turned 5 SBD into 50 today when it hit $10. My grandfather was actually at Pearl harbor when it was bombed. Suffered horrible PTSD. Stories of him made me aware of how traumatizing military experiences truly can be.


When I was pregnant with Brandon I had heartburn every day. Same thing, I couldn't even drink water without feeling sick. Then someone said, "You're gonna have a hairy baby." Sure enough, that kid came out with a FULL HEAD OF HAIR. The other two were practically bald. No heartburn.

But now, I think my middle-aged body is telling me to be mindful and start exercising again.
PTSD is nothing to joke about. My husband suffered badly with it but he's a lot better these last few years.
Sadly, the Greatest Generation doesn't usually talk about stuff like that, suffering in silence, and their families become secondary casualties to it.

At least you wrote something -- as a commitment to consistency! You have my admiration for that! Consistency is my nemesis, from day to day, and even moment to moment. I only have one stretch of more than 5 days of one post a day here on Steemit. Ever! And that's even with your posting and commenting challenge a few months ago, which was so great for everyone. So keep those random ramblings coming! :D And here's to better health! There are so many great winter greens that would grow in your region!


Consistency is hard stuff! It's part of the reason why I'm kind of choosy about what I'm consistent with. I guess with consistency comes commitment and lately I've had the attention span of a gnat. What can I say? I'm a work in progress. LOL

Thanks for sharing your random reflections with us @merej99 ! Its nice that your getting settled into your new place ! My latest post is also kind of an update , im blogging from work ! LOL! I really loved your short story you wrote about the little boy and commented on it , and Im looking forward to more ! Keep up the great work ! Did you see that Steem Dollars is past $$$ 8.00 !!!! Its mind blowing , and it keeps on going up , I sure wish I had some to cash in for steem right now !!! Haha !😂😂😂👍👍👍💕


I thought I read somewhere that SBD hit $10? That's kind of crazy. I wonder what prompted it.
The creative juices are beginning to flow again now that I'm feeling better. I've been surprising myself with "normal hours" going to bed before midnight and getting up around 7 am. That almost never happens! It's throwing me off a little. lol


Haha ! Glad to see your getting back in the groove , slowly but surely @merej99 !! Yes the price of Steem Dollars and everything else is really crazy right now ! I did a post on it last night , im not sure if you seen it yet , I just got to work and im just coming on steemit now ! Any ways heres the link if you feel like checking it out : https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@karenmckersie/omg-bitcoin-steem-dollars-steem-all-skyrocketing-check-out-these-latest-numbers-and-what-to-do-on-steemit

Ouchy, no bread. Still, a lot of gluten free stuff is actually not bad these days :0)


I know! And with your bread recipes, what is a bread-lover to do??? I may have to experiment with making my own and using alternative ingredients. I love cooking but do I really want to make mine and theirs meals every day?


It's quite the overhead making it I must admit. If you can get it good from somewhere then get in!

I had a 6 month period of time this past summer/fall where I was coughing, had heart palpitations, chest pain, lump in my breast, painful lymph nodes, cholesterol skyrocketed...all sorts of crazy/scary things. I was on a heart monitor for 6 weeks, 3 rounds of antibiotics, a breast ultrasound and mammogram...everything turned out fine. The lump went away, and everything seemed to resolve except for that cough and chest pain. I ended up going on meds for acid reflux and it all pretty much was resolved. I had no clue that a nagging cough was a symptom. I had meds, so I've been pretty remiss on taking it this past week or two and I'm still feeling ok. I think I got it under control, but man! Our bodies are so complicated and we take so much for granted when we are feeling well.
I hope you get your diet/gluten issues figured out. Listen to your body. Not everyone is the same. I had a nutritionist tell me to eat more meat and eggs and less whole grains. So, I basically was eating just meat and veggies and fruit. Low and behold...now I have high cholesterol. The cardiologist is now telling me to basically be a vegetarian and to eat oatmeal. Go figure. Everyone has an opinion. LOL


A couple of months ago I was also getting heart palpitations. Not so much chest pain but 2 of my lymph nodes were swollen. I didn't have issues either except feeling a little under the weather. The doctor said they'd be concerned if I wasn't feeling good and didn't have slightly swollen lymph nodes.

I know once I get my diet figured out I'm going to feel a lot better. I've never had a food diary until this week. I'm also taking notes on how I feel after I eat something. I fear my diet is starting to look like yours; chicken, fish, veggies and fruits. Once in a while I crave red meat but not very often. I've come to the conclusion that is sucks getting old. :P


Oh my...I hear you on the conclusion that getting old sucks! While I view myself as relatively young (36), my life experiences that brought on chronic shoulder issues, being a widow and all my aches and pains make me feel much older! LOL Oh well, it's better than the alternative!

I hope you got a good night sleep; sometimes you need to change the food your eating; I have periods when I'm obsessed with chocolate sticks, I eat half a box then I fell sick;my guess from the large amounts of sugar.
Maybe you could make a quick meal instead of gluten; I recently discovered chickpeas with tomato sauce;easy and fast to make :)


My body rebels every once in a while. I went through a phase where I couldn't eat any leafy green vegetables, which mean NO salads at all. Then I went through a phase where I couldn't eat onions or garlic. Then strawberries. Now it's bread, oats and pasta. Don't get me wrong, I love experimenting with recipes but I will be a very sad person if my menu eventually consists of eggs and grits.

I have suffered from some hard core writer's block, so I definitely feel you there!

I've also given up most grains, although I did discover that I can eat homemade breads and whatnot just fine with no issues... so I'm beginning to think it might have more to do with preservatives in the store bought breads for me. That might be something to experiment with. Of course I also find it easier to stick within my caloric range that I aim for without the grains, so... eh.

I enjoy reading your thoughts, even when they're rambling like mine :)


You know... I think you may be on to something because I make almost everything homemade except bread and pasta. The last couple of years we've had to keep a really tight belt on our finances so eating out or take out didn't happen very often. When we "treat" ourselves it usually comes with stomach revenge the next day.

Thank you for the nice post. You did not come yesterday last. I miss you very much.


My goal is to post at least once a day. I have no idea how anyone does more than that. LOL
Glad to see you still hanging around.


thanks my friend @merej99

Kudos to your hubby for the disaster relief work, what a hero! Also, as a fellow artist (full time), I feel you on the financial troubles but cryptocurrency and steemit are a great answer to that! Take care.


Welcome to Steemit @kaciechromatic
I'm really looking forward to seeing what you share here. :)
My dream has always been to be a full time creative and I'm hoping that crrypto will make that dream happen.

Heartburn sucks.....well it burns ... bigly! I don't know why it happens...I get it too and I stopped eating bread as well, except I can tolerate Ezekial bread - it's made with sprout flour or some tree hugger "flour". It's not cheap so I only eat 2 slices a day in the morning and it's okay. Pasta also gives me heartburn. I didn't know it was a gluten thing. My GP didn't tell me. Anyhow....random thots are the best.

Hearburn is no laughing matter ~


Yup, I think it's probably a gluten thing combined with a preservatives thing. I need to start looking for recipes that use the tree hugger "flour" LOL I never thought I'd see that day but dang... it's hard to have a grilled cheese sandwich without bread!
I also wonder if making my own pasta might help?

I do my best thinking in the shower. Wrinkly, but well worth the water-bill.

I also seem to get heartburn often, and do eat a lot of bread. Leftover habit (not the actual bread, yucko), from years in outdoor forestry work. Needed massive carbs for energy. Now, not so much. Maybe there is something to it. I should try it, though biking and other things after a meal is always ripe for the trouble in the gut as well.

I enjoy these 'jack of all something' writings. Very enjoyable to read and the variety is refreshing. Thanks for putting it out, and it certainly isn't garbage, quite the contrary.


I've noticed year by year that my diet changes, not because I want to but because my body is telling me. I don't like feeling sick all the time and I certainly don't like waking up in the middle of the night because the heartburn won't quit.

This is the 3rd full day without bread and I haven't had heartburn once. I'd say the experiment is showing results. I am in a good neighborhood where I can now ride a bike without fear of a hit and run. (Florida is terrible with that!) Yeah, a bike is on my spring shopping list. Changing my eating habits is no longer enough to maintain my weight. Getting old sucks. :: grump grump ::


Yes, the aging process does pretty much suck. Though the alternative is much worse.
I hope that the diet works, we are so much what we eat. And I am not very good at being disciplined at that stuff, that's for sure. I used to use baking soda for HB, but my doctor told me to stop. But when it's 10,000 degrees in your gullet, the doctor isn't here...

As for biking in Florida, I did that a few times in the city on some family vacations. I see what you mean. That was a real trip. Not sure the drivers knew what I was..."look Madge, some new, two wheeled wildlife. Swerve on over and take a closer look". It was a busy area, but yowza.
But if you can find some quiet roads, it is a great way to get around and exercise. And used bikes are pretty plentiful in most places. Bike on and smile.

I am always in favor of random blogs. Not many WW2 guys left. I love bread and pasta but it hates me.