Learning English~Persian: Idiom: Take it on the lamb/Make a compromise #129

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Take it on the lamb

در رفتن، فرار کردن

Poor Richard has always had his problems with the police. When he found out that they were after him again,
he had to take it on the lamb. In order to avoid being caught and thrown in jail, he was forced to flee in a great hurry.

بيچاره ريچارد هميشه با پليس مشکل داشته. وقتي فهميد که اونا دنبالش هستند، مجبور شد در بره. براي اينکه گير نیفته و تو زندون نيفته مجبور شد به سرعت فرار کنه.

Make a compromise = Make compromises

کوتاه آمدن، سازش کردن

Bob says if I want to marry him, I must give up my job and get a part time job instead. What do you think I should do?

باب میگه اگر بخواهم با اون ازدواج کنم باید کارم را رها کنم و به جایش یک کار نیمه وقت بگیرم. به نظر تو باید چیکار کنم؟

It’s entirely up to you. If you really want to marry him, you have to make compromises.

کاملا به خودت بستگی داره. اگر واقعا می‌خواهی با او ازدواج کنی باید کوتاه بیایی



Take it on the lamb = RUN

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