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RE: Homesteaders Co-op: The Model of an Ethical Marketplace

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Really interesting project @homesteaderscoop, a friend on steemit was always posted about permaculture sometimes ago, but seems like she's busy somewhere else with her permie project. I read some articles about permie too because my friend ITR also working as a consultant to help farmers in Borneo Island. And about the coop, that's more interesting and never heard one on steemit before.

Thanks for sharing and found your post through @stortebeker entry post in the pay it forward contest this week. Wish you all the best!


It seems @stortebeker is becoming a fast friend of the Co-op, thank you for your support @cicisaja!

Permaculture is a really awesome movelent that we here at Homesteaders Co-op are all very passionate about. I deeply hope the co-op can be of service to you, by offering either quality products or relevant information that can help increase your quality of life :)

Is there a specific area you'd like to see us focus on?

Information about quality products I think would be good @nateonsteemit, I like to read to broaden my view and perhaps I can use that knowledge to implement it myself.

Thank you so much for asking me and how's the coop works on steemit? Do you think that people could buy the products with steem too?

Oh yes, the co-op is completely operational already! The market is at The prices are listed in US dollars, but the only currencies accepted are steem and SBD, and the available products range from plants to clothing to worms for composting! I think we have vendors in six countries already as well, and the co-op isn't even a month old!

whooaaaa.. that's really cool! I should check on it and maybe I can promote it to my peers too. that's an amazing initiative!!

Thanks so much!!! We're new still, and expect some learning curve, but the site and service function very well already. @sagescrub has done an amazing job.

To me, this is an integral part of crypto reaching mass adoption.