Europe Roadtrip to Barcelona

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founders of perfspots @ivansnz

Our very first post is about this Tavel vlog of a Roadtrip in Europe to Barcelona.

This is a foretaste of perfspots work leand back and enjoy the vlog:

The Video Log

more on


Brunch in Montpellier

car breakdown

This is a project founded by @ivansnz and its the very first post on this project. Next week i will explain this project in detail but here's a short describtion:

We are a Steemit travel collective with the aim to support fellow travel bloggers and vloggers. Use the "perfspots" tag to be featured and upvoted.

We will invest a lot of time and money in this project so make sure to join us by following this account and our curation trail on

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you are doing such a great work thanx for sharing ..keep it up

In Barcelona you should visit:


  • Las Ramblas
    This tree lined street is one of the busiest places in the whole city and is a must visit.


  • Temple de la Sagrada Familia
    This is another stop in Barcelona if you are fascinated by the early 20th century work of Antoni Gaudi – you’ll find that he pops up quite a lot all over the city! What is really special about this structure though is that Gaudi considered it to be his calling and treated it like a passion, so it really has a very personal touch to it.
  • Casa Mila (better known as La Pedrera)
    Another building built by Gaudi, this time between 1906 and 1910 and is a really bold design that shows how Gaudi liked to push the boundaries and challenge peoples’ conceptions. For those of you less into art though, it’s just a really cool looking building! It is also part of the “Works of Antoni Gaudi” UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it is an extremely important landmark in the city.


  • Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
    One of the most important museums in the whole of the city and, for art lovers, it should be the first place to head to when on a Barcelona Tour. Even the actual building is beautiful, having been built specially for the 1929 International Exhibition. Inside you will find examples of art from many different movements, such as Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque and Modernism. Whatever art you happen to have an interest in, this place will have something for you!


  • Port Vell
    the place to go if you really don’t know what to do, as it is a lively hub of entertainment and attractions. It’s also where you’ll find all of the most elaborate and expensive yachts moored up, which is always a sight to make you jealous! Just find a seat outside one of the cafes or restaurants, order a coffee and a bite to eat, and watch the people pass by as they go about their daily business. The view over the Mediterranean is also absolutely stunning and something that everyone should get a few pictures of when on a layover in Barcelona. It really is the perfect place to chill!

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