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It seems that my previous post about our new family member, Percy, was quite popular.

I guess we're all suckers for a dog story. 😉

As I mentioned previously Percy is a rescue dog. His previous attempt at re-homing wasn't successful.

I'm extremely glad that the last people who took Percy into their care returned him to the rescue charity before it was too late.

At the request of the charity we took Percy into our home earlier than we'd originally planned. We saw him on the Saturday and was planning to take him home the following week. We had a few things that we needed to sort out before bringing him home.

However not long after returning home we received a message informing us that he really wasn't coping well in the kennels. So we arranged to have our home assessed on Sunday morning and we did all the relevant paperwork and took him home later that day.

He was/is incredibly underweight. To the point where people have made comments when we've taken him for walks....he loves walkies, he demands at least 4 walks a day. It's upsetting because people, naturally, think his weight is because we've starved him.

I weighed him today and he weighs just 6.3kg he's what I'd call a small - medium sized dog...more to the smaller end.

To my thinking his ideal weight would be around 10-13kg.

It took just 3 weeks for his weight to fall to about 5kg (I didn't weigh him when we got him home, but his weight wouldn't have been much more than 5kgs).

He already, after just 3 days with us, seems much happier and he will soon recover the weight.

I'll keep posting updates as long as there's an interest.

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