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It’s almost the end of 2019 and thank God blockchain apps are beginning to look and feel a lot more like “normal” apps. It almost seems as if everyone in the crypto space is working overtime to ensure that the User Experience of these apps become as amazing as other apps we have come to love.

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of testing a new crypto-powered video sharing app. This app not only has a cool UI but also has a nice ring to its name. The app is called Pepo


Pepo is a video sharing app that gives you access to meet some of your favorite crypto people. According to the official website, Pepo allows you to “meet the people shaping the crypto movement.”

The first thing I noticed on the app, even before visiting the website, is that the User Experience was top notch. On visiting the website, I could easily understand why that is the case. The emphasis on User Experience throughout the copy on the website shows how important this was to the team, and how much emphasis was placed on it. I’m glad to say that statements like the one below aren’t just empty noises.


Pepo appears to be that platform where you can easily share your thoughts and opinions on crypto and blockchain technology with like minded people since it was built specifically for this community.

Creating your first video, and subsequent ones, is as easy as you can imagine. I also enjoy the fact that the app loads fast and doesn’t take forever to sync (this might be due to it being new but we’ll keep an eye on that).

Pepo is currently in invite-only mode and you’ll need an invite code to join. Luckily for you, I’ve got one for you because you’ve come this far. To join the Pepo family, you can use UHFVDE as your invite code. No stress!

At the moment, every new user gets rewarded with 500 Pepo coins. Now, you’re not really getting these coins for free; it’s due to how “likes” work on Pepo.


Pepo is filled with amazing videos and will continue to be so but you have to understand that every “like” you give deducts 1 Pepo from your wallet. This is not an entirely bad thing right? 😁

This is a way to reward creators for a job well done, as opposed to printing new tokens every time a “like” is given.

But what happens when I run out of coins?

Well, you can either become a creator and hope to God that people love your content and reward you, or you could simply top up your wallet. I came to realize that topping up was super easy and the fact that the value isn’t just in $ but localized to my country’s currency impressed me a lot. (See image below)


Pepo Coins are ERC-20 tokens on layer-2 Ethereum blockchains. Pepo Coins cannot be transferred outside Pepo, but can be redeemed in-app for gift cards.
The price of Pepo Coins is fixed in smart contract to mirror the price of $OST Token.

You should go download Pepo now on Android and iOS and use UHFVDE as your invite code.


So i guess it works like tipping....except that this is crypto niched and video content

Ah looky looky.....somebody is back!

Haha... look who’s back 🙃

This is such a detailed review. Great job!

Thank you! I’ve enjoyed using the app so far.

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