People Photography by Worldcapture Week #16 - Isaan People !!

in peoplephotography •  19 days ago

This was a comedy show from people from the Isaan village , Isaan is a province in the north-east of Thailand i happen to see this comedy show while walking through Lumpini park last weekend there was a Thailand Tourist Festival happening in this park at that time a very funny exciting day it turned out to be the unexpected events are always the best.



Category : #peoplephotography

Camera : Sony TX10



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hahaha! howdy sir hangin! That is such a great shot, a perfect shot for the peoplephotography tag, well done sir hangin!


Thank you sir janton something i do fluke a shot...hehe :)


sir hangin! you're saying that was a fluke? What's the saying..I'd rather be lucky than talented? or something like that. lol.


Haha...alright let's say i am talented then....hehe :)