The Speck of Dust Vs The Plank of Wood

in people •  3 months ago

Whether you 'believe' in God or not; you can't really argue with this truth ... that too many people stay worried about the 'speck of dust' in another persons eye; but ignore the Plank of wood in their own; Whether you think the church need to pay taxes, or think the Preachers in every one of them ain't nothin but Charlestons ... we all know that 'bar' from the book is 100% truth.

#SoLetMeAddAnotherBar :: Too often, people looking at the church, and talking loud about it's problems, are talking about specs of dust in someone else's eye; ignoring the planks of wood, in both of their own .... (and often in other orifices too) ....

#YouAreWelcome :: this was 'originally' posted on my 'current' facebook TL - people may bite it, circulate it, it's whatever. I've reached a point of understanding, that people will steal, and not give credit, and yet, that too is a speck of dust. It's not a big deal really; and hey, hopefully the 'message' reaches the ears that are needed.

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