La Vendedor - Lesson Four

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Joey sauntered into the burger joint with a glowing smile on his wrinkly face. Before the waiter could greet and lead him to his favorite booth, he had already taken upon himself by pinning his butt down onto his regular booth bench.

A tiresome looking Frankie scurried across the restaurant floor and caught up with the middle-aged salesman before he could barely warm his seat up.

"So Joey, what is the deal now?" asked the curious Franko.

"Alas my pal, alas! Why don't you relax so you could catch your breath first!" suggested Joey.

"Look man, I don't have the whole day with you so why don't you just tell me what's on your mind!" Franko said annoyingly.

"Absolutely, absolutely my man!" grinned the middle-aged salesman.

"So, I'm listening!" Franko darted his tongue out.

"Ok bud, I would like you to extend Karla's lease term!" Joey requested.

"Nope, can't do Joey! She is going back to the warehouse in a few more days, you dig!" Franko shook his head violently.

"Guess what, I'm keeping her man! Don't worry dude, I'm buying her from you!" grinned the salesman.

"Huh, you must be kidding me! Joey Bodoie never wastes a penny on anything unless he finds a killer deal, am I right?" remarked Franko.

"Look me in the eyes Frankie, yes, my eyes! I'm going to pay you full price for Karla, just let me know how much?" proposed Joey.

"Are you kidding, full price?" asked the bewildered Franko.

"Not a penny less my man." declared the middle-aged salesman.

"What is going on Joey?" Franko stared at Joey attentively.

"Don't sweat it Frankie, just tell me how much?" prodded the salesman.

"Gee dude, I don't get it! She is going to cost you $27,500 and this is no chump change Joey." Franko's eyes opened widely.

"Bud, here is a check for $27,500 and lunch is on me, happy now?" Joey waved his hands in the air.

"Did you find something that I wasn't aware of Joey?" Franko asked suspiciously.

"Nothin unusual my man, nothin unusual!" quipped Joey.

"You are not telling me everything, aren't you Joey?" Franko gnashed his teeth to express his displeasure.

"I think I have just made your day bro." the middle-aged salesman let out a loud yawn before signaling a waiter to approach the booth.

Stay tuned.

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Thank you. Hope that you will continue to read Joey's story and have a great laugh.

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