What is Peer Query About and How Does It Work? ...

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What you like to know more about the latest project build on the Steem blockchain? The project is called Peer Query and it’s ideal for programmers. Let’s get into it …

What is Peer Query all About?

In short I believe developers will like this one. It’s a lot like stackoverflow. For those of you who don't know. Stack overflow is an online space where developers come together to share knowledge, to help each other and work on projects together.

Now with stack overflow no matter how popular you are there is no way for you to monetize your knowledge. This is where Peer Query comes in and makes this possible.

How Does It Work?

With Peer Query you will be able to get rewarded in cryptocurrency. So as you build your reputation you can now be rewarded for sharing your knowledge. You get rewarded in Steem which you can use or exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

You can ask questions, submit proposals, run contests and more with half a million Steemians on all other Steem clients.

What makes it unique? …

  • Runs on the Steem Blockchain - the world's most powerful blockchain with the most transaction being processed, instant and feeless transfers.
  • Computer intelligence - the Steem blockchain permanently stores user generated content including your queries and replies while rewarding you for using it.
  • Uncensored community - no censorship of your earnings, account or corruption on your content.

The project is still currently in alpha, go check them out ...

Website: https://www.peerquery.com

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This is a good use case for cryptocurrency and what’s even better is that it’s build on the Steem blockchain. I give this project a big thumbs up and well done to the developers.

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To my fellow Steemians,
Thanks for being here. You're awesome and I appreciate you …

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This post has received gratitude of 1.50 % from @appreciator thanks to: @shaunbeingsocial.

Thanks for the enlightening.


Hey @qweku, Hope it helps. Thanks for the feedback ...


Yh it did. Welcome

Just signed up and it's already looking very good for an alpha release :)

Say that I have an idea for a proposal, but I'm not a developer myself. Would it be okay to submit a proposal for that idea on Peerquery?

The proposal would include a description of the idea, benefits for implementing it and details about possible implementation.


thank you for your interest @daan. actually, @peerquery is NOT a separate platform. it is only an app which displays posts from STEEM tagged as "question", "contest", "gig", "quiz" and "proposals".

this means that to get your post on @peerquery, you can write it from any STEEM app like busy, utopian, or Steemit. simply add any of the above listed tags and you will see your post on @peerquery

@peerquery just go a major upgrade, you should see it for yourself > www.peerquery.com


Thanks for the reply, that explains it a bit better.

Definitely making use of this once I have my idea written down properly.

i appreciate your report @shaunbeingsocial. @peerquery has been given its biggest update yet!


Hey @dzivenu, I think you have a good idea with @peerquery. I wish you all the best with it. Keep up the good work and thanks for the feedback ...