PBSA Announcement to Peerplays Witnesses, 16 January 2018

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In December 2017, PBSA announced plans to implement new communication channels with Witnesses on the Peerplays blockchain.

PBSA has chosen to use Atlassian’s Confluence product as a password-access “Peerplays Witness Space” to facilitate better knowledge sharing, more effective discussion, and timely handling of new software releases, bug-reporting, and other issues that may affect the Peerplays blockchain. Apart from Witnesses, employees of PBSA and certain of PBSA’s partners will also have access to this space.

The full announcement, along with instructions on how Witnesses gain access to this space, can be found here: https://peerplays.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/31817860/16+Jan+2018+Witness+Announcement



I will get that done this weekend. (Peerplays witness: royal-flush)

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Good plans, especially for newbies.

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