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Earlier this week, Peerplays Witnesses learned of a development within the community involving further transparency of Peerplays code, and were encouraged to participate fully.

Read below for the original message delivered by PBSA President Jonathan Baha’i, in its entirety. In short: PBSA intends to fully support a brand new community repo on GitHub - created by and for the Peerplays community - all in the name of transparency.

Hey active witnesses.. hope everyone is well... I have a minor but major development I like to share with you all first before the general community..

Some time ago in working with exeblock the pbsa was having issues in how new code being introduced from them would be brought into peerplays. Specifically we were uncertain about what degree of responsibility we needed to exercise over the code being introduced and maintained in pbsa repos.

Also over the course of the last year much of our progress got slowed down by everyone developing in private repos and not from the public repo version. As multiple versions of peerplays came from one organization or another it caused a lot of overlap in preparing merges and testing.

Further to this peerplays was always intended to be an open decentralized blockchain project and having all updates be in pbsa github only didn't help that end.

So recently we let devs in the blockchain community know about how we would like to support decentralizing peerplays more through the creation of a public git repo that would be community run so that more updates and input could be more easily brought into peerplays from other sources. A dev from bitshares community loved the idea and stepped up to get it done.

Pbsa will participate in and support the community repo and will regard it as the 'official' source.. pointing 3rd party devs to those repos for where to develop for peerplays. Approval of updates there will be through a peer review process that allows all community devs to openly take part.

Other projects like bitshares and eos have similar setups for their repos so this shouldn't be viewed as something unusual.

Pbsa is recommending to witnesses to move their updates for witness nodes to this new community repo (or start forking from it) as it is going to allow greater transparency on updates, more 3rd party fixes and proposals, and will be where PBSA plans to push out its future updates too as well.

Questions are always welcome... without further delay.. the big reveal! .....


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