@theprophet0: 15 Year Old PeerPlays Witness Campagin - Why You Should Vote For My Witness!

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Man, was yesterday an exciting and eager day?! I was up all night waiting for PeerPlays to launch so I could get my witness running, but it didn't end up coming out until last night and well, my official PeerPlays witness launched yesterday around 5:00 PM CST! Before yesterday, my witness had been on the testnet to make sure there was no bugs or errors. And, I have to send a big thank you to another fellow PeerPlays witness in @billbutler for sending myself and other witnesses some PPY's to create our PPY's account on the CLI wallet. The reason that all the witnesses had to create their accounts in the CLI wallet is because the GUI was not released at the time of launch.

What is PeerPlays?

In short, PeerPlays is the world’s first decentralized tournament management and wagering platform that is built entirely on the blockchain. PeerPlays will have both "on-chain" casino games, which means the games are fully decentralized and fair without the use of a third party and it will have sports betting in the form of fantasy leagues on Peerplays, because all wagering, bookmaking and tournament brackets are hosted securely on the decentralized blockchain. If you would like to know all of the information about PeerPlays, I suggest reading the whitepaper or checking out the FAQ page.

What is the Witnesses Job on PeerPlays?

The witnesses job is to timestamp all the updates to the global blockchain database. Our job is similar to the job of “miners” in Bitcoin, only we must be voted into position by Peerplays core token holders. Like miners, we can only observe what happens on the Blockchain and notarize it – but, we do not have the ability to restrict or alter the content. Keep in mind, the PeerPlays witness is a lot like a BTS witness, more so than STEEM.

Why Should You Vote For @theprophet0 PeerPlays Witness?

Well, for one, as you all already know, when I set my eyes on something, I give it my all, like I do with STEEM. The same will be for PeerPlays, I will give it my all, my time and my effort. I will be promoting PeerPlays by word of mouth and by marketing. There is a good possibility my dad and or I will get a PeerPlays tattoo to prove our dedication to the PeerPlays platform. Another reason why you should vote is because I will be the youngest PeerPlayer at 15 years of age running a PeerPlays witness node and it never hurts to empower the youth!
I have experience in running witness nodes as I have been running my STEEM witness node since October, 2016. I pledge to be the best witness possible, doing everything I can and making sure my feed is always up-to-date. Like I am very active in the Steemit.chat help channels for Steemit, I will be very active in the PeerPlays help channel where I am an admin and do my very best to answer any question I can. Also, my seed node [2GB RAM -] is being run in a very secure database in Germany and my PeerPlays witness node [16 GB RAM] is run in Belize on a very secure server with great DDoS protection.
So, today, I, @theprophet0, ask you for your vote. Keep in mind that for the PeerPlays blockchain to work, there needs to be at least 11 witness nodes active at all time (at the time of righting this, we have 21 witness nodes active and witnessing blocks) and there can be up to 1001 active nodes.

How To Vote For theprophet0 PeerPlays Witness Through The GUI Wallet

1. After the wallet has downloaded, log in and navigate over to the vote tab in the top left corner. After you click on that, navigate over to the tab where it says Witness.

2. On this screen, you will have to find my name (theprophet0) and all you have to do is click add...

3. For the last step, all you have to do after clicking my name is scroll down to the bottom and click Publish Changes!

How to Vote For @theprophet0 STEEM Witness

1. Click Here
2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the little upvote button next to my name, @theprophet0 - I am in 50th place.
3. You will be asked to authenticate with your active key, the main key may work also. Once you have done that, you just voted for theprophet0 witness! Wohoo, Thanks!

Please also consider voting @aggroed for witness!

Lastly, if you need help with anything with STEEM/Steemit or PeerPlays or have any questions, feel free to direct message me on Discord @theprophet0, Steemit.chat @theprophet0 or in the #help channel, or for PeerPlays, stop by here: https://t.me/PeerplaysHelp - I hope you guys feel I am deserving enough of a witness vote, thank you!

Addressing My Missed Blocks On PeerPlays

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know who is thinking about or already voting for me why I missed 105 blocks. While updating my witness URL, I made a mistake in the signing key, thus, it ended up in my witness missing blocks, but, I was able to resolve it within minute of it happening. This will not happen again. No more mistakes. Once again, please understand what occurred and understand it will not happen again.
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Thanks kid. Good luck!


Best of luck to you as well!

Did anyone ever tell you that you look like young Leonardo dicaprio?
Goodluck, will witness you bud.


Haha, heard that multiple times! I take it as a compliment! Thanks man! :)

Got my vote <3

Good luck to both you and @aggroed! Your both 2 of my favs on steemit. I will look more into Peerplays you have definitely peaked my interest. Resteeming in case that helps you two out. Later


Thank you so very much @starsteem, means a lot brother!

Good luck!


Thank you!

There is a good possibility my dad and or I will get a PeerPlays tattoo to prove our dedication to the PeerPlays platform.

The only part I didn't liked from your post ;)


Haha, gotta do what I gotta do! Lol

holy shit i wrote that comment first before i saw your age you really are the prophet my friend


Haha, thanks man!

Wishing you the very best of luck !Well done!

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I made sure to vote for ya, hope you win out, still unsure how you get approved but good luck all the same! @theprophet0