Peerplays Witness Update: Other Witness Candidates

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Dear Peerplays Stakeholders,

I would like to thank all of you who have voted for my witness proposal since the launch of Peerplays network. I will continue to make every effort to deserve your vote in the future.

Other Witness Candidates

Besides myself, there are numerous other witness candidates who are also available for your selection. Some of these witness operators have been elected into “active” witness slots (which you can see in the Peerplays GUI), and the remainder are currently “inactive”. The “inactive” witnesses are not easily found within the Peerplays GUI as of June 12, 2017 (see update below). Therefore, I would like to call your attention to them here or here because a diversity of witnesses is valuable to the network.

I encourage all Peerplays stakeholders to review what each of the witness operators, whether active or inactive, have to offer by reading their proposal linked to next to their name (see “Witness URL”). It is up to you to decide both how many witnesses there should be (you need not vote for every single one) and who should compose them.

Voting for an “active” witness operator is very easy within the Peerplays GUI as described in these instructions by @pfunk. (See update below) However, voting for an “inactive” witness operator does require three extra steps within the Peerplays GUI as of June 12, 2017. Theses extra steps are:

(1) typing in the name of the inactive witness within the “Select Witness” box,

(2) clicking “Add”,

(3) clicking “Publish Changes”.

Thanks for your consideration


This post became outdated a few minutes after posting. A new GUI was released that does display the inactive witnesses right next to the active ones. Delighted to see it.


I'm currently in 24th place... so close. :)

Thanks for posting this and raising awareness.

Thank you! It's been exciting week because a whale came through and voted up all the active witnesses so we can all start creating blocks in the Peerplays blockchain. Things are just getting started, but it's fun to be part of something that's just getting going.

Thanks for the blog post.

I like this