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It has finally happened! The official launch of PeerPlays has finally taken place and the PeerPlays token PPY has started to be listed on exchanges. My, my but aren't we living in interesting times! How exciting!

The PeerPlays slogan of bringing Provably Honest Gaming to the internet is yet another application of a transparent blockchain built on Dan Larimer's Graphene technology, joining BitShares, Steem and soon EOS.

The PeerPlays project is overseen by the PeerPlays Blockchain Standards Association or PBSA for short. It is a non-profit foundation whose focus is to set standards to achieve Provably Honest Gaming on blockchain technologies. This is new ground folks, and President Jonathon Ba'hai and Director of Inteligence Michael Maloney are the two entrepreneurs who are blazing the trail.

The role of witnesses for the PeerPlays project are quite different than other blockchain efforts. The technical requirements are virtually the same as other Graphene chains, and witnesses also need to be reliable and trustworthy. The biggest difference for PeerPlays witnesses is the reporting requirements of event information.

The information sources relied upon by each witness may indeed set them apart from their competition. We already see witnesses preparing to address their reporting requirements in various ways, and some are hiring staff and setting up companies to manage publishing of the events they are interested in.

That leads me to the approach I will take with Baxters Sports Witness. Not only do I have experience running a reliable witness for BitShares, attaining the 2nd highest number of votes from the community, I have tons of experience as a programmer and in high tech endeavors. My priorities for this witness are to provide:

  1. Timely and accurate information about sporting events
    (Initially in North America, with focus on “big 3”: American
    Football, baseball and basketball, and later hockey)

  2. Commentary and comedic entertainment by “The Baxter”, a lifelong
    sports aficionado and enthusiast with a wealth of sports knowledge.
    We intend to provide audio podcasts and videos to entertain & inform.

  3. Witness backend technology by a proven and trustworthy
    Technologist, Thomas Freedman from the BitShares community

  4. Attitude towards integrity of event feeds to show authenticity,
    reliability and timeliness of information

  5. I may even be enticed to contribute my take on auto racing,
    particularly to highlight Indy and Formula 1 racing.

"Sports" is such a broad field. I myself have not been terribly interested in sports or considered myself to be a devoted fan of any. I enjoy a good American football game and I love to watch a Grand Pre or Formula 1 race on occasion. In the 90s I had a brief stent as a racer of Corvettes in the SCCA and other car clubs. If there were any sport I was ever a serious participant it was during that time. This may lead you to think I have little to contribute, however I see it as an asset to be detached and not so emotionally involved.

My friend, "The Baxter" (pictured above lower right) is another story. I have discussed PeerPlays with him and he is excited to learn more about his role. He is a l w a y s eager to talk sports, and has a very jovial and up-beat disposition I just know will appeal to a wide audience. He is also very astute and understands the agorist principles that will further the cause of individual freedom. Mr. Baxter has been a successful entrepreneur himself and owned a chain of bars and convenience stores in Ohio. He now lives nearby helping others in his retirement.

There are many aspects yet to be published concerning what is expected of a PeerPlays witness. I look forward to helping Jonathon and Micheal by participating as an official witness in the PeerPlays community. Thank you for your consideration.

Please cast your vote today for


to show your support for integrity and Provably Honest Gaming!


I have upvoted you here and on PPY. Please consider voting for my witness 'content-junkie'

Wow! Nice Post to share! :)
btw I just upvoted your post and also followed u
Can you please follow me back?

Hello Thomas - thanks for theses updates. I have invested a small amount in peerplays as well but still have to find out how to convert into tokens so I can add them to my bithares wallet and start trading ;-)

I read through all of your 5 the evolution of bitshares articles and want to thank you for writing them from your perspective. I have read everything about it that Stan has published on Steemit as well. was extremely useful to me as it goes back to the Byzantine Generals problem which is a nice bridge to Satoshi ;-)
Keep up the great work with your witnesses. Thanks for helping to keep the ecosystem alive. Can't wait to see what goes down monday when EOS surfaces into mainstream and then around July 4th when Stan's Hero projects kicks into the next gear level ;-)

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