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Pedogate: The Tavistock/Satanic/Occult Connection

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THis is the part of the story I've tried to stay pretty much away from- not because it isn't important, but because I barely understand it (except for the Tavistock/mind control perspective) and like most people, when someone mentions: "And they're all Satan-worshippers," my eyebrows raise up suspiciously. This is where the story leaps from reality- the world we know- into the twilight zone world of the occult. Whether these people actually worship and summon dark forces, or just use them as it to justify and cover up their aberrant behavior is a matter of conjecture... I suspect perhaps a combination of both. People such as Marina Abramovic have certainly gotten rich from it.

One thing is axiomatic, if you cloak aberrant behavior in the respectable garb of religion, it becomes far easier to sell. The offshoot cults of Mormonism, for example, allow multiple wives, some as young as 9 or 10. Islam allows older men to marry young girls... right or wrong, once a particular behavior enters the realm of religion it becomes acceptable to many. Connected to these esoteric (Satanist/occultist) religious practices is the art that accompanies it. In the case of Pizzagate, Marina Abramovic has perhaps become the face of this, given her relationship with the political and entertainment elites in Washington and Hollywood... along with others such as Robert Mapplethorpe who put a Crucifix in a jar of urine and called it art. The art collection of both Podesta brothers and their relationship to Abramovic has been widely publicized. Although art may seem unrelated to pedophilia it is not- it's part of a concerted effort to replace Christian values with something much darker... in effect mainstreaming Satanism and with it an attitude of "anything goes." (including pedophilia). Satanism, Witchcraft and other religions are permitted in public schools and Christianity is not... Think about it!

The British connection to pedophilia, particularly in elite circles, is already well documented. Jimmy Savile and members of the Royal family as well as people high in government have been exposed. But this is anything but a recent phenomenon, particularly the link between Tavistock, the occult and pedophilia. Tavistock began as an institute to study the effects of trauma- shell shock (PTSD)- on soldiers returning from WWI. What they found is that trauma is the best way to open someone up to mind control. This was picked up by the CIA and other groups. If you look at my last article, it traces the psychological manifestations. Without rewriting the history of Tavistock, suffice to say they gave us the Beatles, the counter culture, the sexual revolution of the 1960's through their myriad of governmental and NGO's in the US. (If you go to the Steemit search option there's a 9-10 part series on Tavistock).


Tavistock was also run by a man named John Rawlings Rees, who... "was involved with the Tavistock Institute and in 1948 was President of the World Federation of Mental Health. Tavistock is a key root of mind control and psychiatric subversion as developed by the Frankfurt School which researched ways of destroying western Christian cultures by means of psychological attack on families and society." Part of the Tavistock strategy was the "Aquarian Revolution" what we now call the New Age, an attempt to destroy Western Culture through drugs, sex and music. This global mind control network was heavily influenced by Aleister Crowley (as were Tavistock protoges the Beatles), writer Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley and his brother Julian, as well as Rees himself. All were members of the Children of the Sun a notorious British homosexual pedophilic drug cult.

John Rawlings Rees

In America, it took until the 1960's and the advent of the Beatles for the plan to take shape... they infiltrated via the music scene and Hollywood. To see the effects currently, one need only watch a movie and ask yourself when is the last time you saw one that supported Christian values? Most of what Hollywood pushes is sex, violence and occultism... Eyes Wide Shut, for example. They're too numerous to name. What does this have to do with Pedogate? Everything- it's an orchestrated effort to promote deviate sexual behavior... no matter how perverse. Look at Marina Abramovic's spirit cooking dinners... all attended by the elites of Hollywood and Washington.


I may not be an elite, or an expert on art, but I know what it isn't. Picasso once quipped that "art is the ultimate perpetration of fraud," and "nobody is easier to fool than a phony." Abramovic charges tens of thousands of dollars to attend her galas...


All these gatherings are is a celebration of perversity, attended by the elites of America, cultural and political and are nothing more than a part of an orchestrated effort by a group of Satanic pedophiles to destroy America. Like I said, I'm no expert on art, but I'm pretty sure this ain't it...


Once a nation's value system is destroyed, anything goes. There are groups such as NAMBLA, the ALCU and others attempting to mainstream pedophilia. In any moral war- and make no mistake, we are in a moral war- there are no neutral corners. You're either on one side or the other. I can only choose for myself and I'm with the children.

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Hi @richq11 I have a question for you? Is there anything behind the story of Roy Orbison? Lots of tragedy around this guy but they mentioned he joined the Beatles, on tour, in America. Any links to be made here?


You know, that's a really good question... There was something not right there! Let me see what I can find out.


all I know is that his first wife was killed in a cycling accident and he later re-married and had 3, maybe 4 kids. While he was away he received a phone call informing him that his house had blown up, killing 2 of his kids, it was after this that he went on tour. I wouldn't normally think anything of it but since reading your articles I assume its all on the table...let me know how you get on


He had one daughter that died of pancreatic cancer... As far as Roy goes, it doesn't look like any foul play. He had a heart attack, likely from working himself to death. He had a nearly impossible schedule. His career had been resurrected and between recording and appearances he was working over 300 days a year- rough for somebody of any age.


Didn't know he had a daughter too, it was just his sons talking on the show I watched. Thought it was worth a look. But yes he sounds like he was a busy bee!
Don't think I would want to stay at home after all that tragedy. Cheers for looking though bud


Her name was Barbara and she was his wife. I saw the picture of her and she looked so young I assumed it was his daughter. He had four sons, so you were right!


Ha ha it happens from time to time ;)

I agree wholeheartedly, richq11! The Abrahamic religions are a hex on humanity and we are all involved in the ritual if we don't remove the spell. Abrahmic myth plays out in everything the elite do and our passive consent allows it to continue. Followed and upvoted!


And I'm going to keep shining as much light as I can into the dark corners.

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It is a little sad how many people choke at the "Satanist" concept. MOST of them believe in "The Law of Attraction" but cannot seem to grasp that "spell casting" and "praying" and "manifesting" are ALL the same thing at their core. They are different only from the aspect of intent. The power of words... fundamental to that is basic "spelling" - this is not a coincidental word relationship.
Thank you for keeping that light on the dark corners of truth.

Curated for #informationwar (by @openparadigm)

This is just freaking scary!

You are correct, the problem with talking about this, is most people don't know anything about this. So, they use all the words incorrectly.

Occult - to occult means to hide something. So, if the king is killing all people who can read, then you occult that. It is not necessarily good or evil.

Marina Abramovic - is all show. It is a floor show. It is a hollywood version of the dark occult. Kinda like how they did with vampires.

Now for the dark occult. It is all done for very specific reasons. They emotionally break their children, so that they have no empathy. So, everything is very rational. They consort with demons, often becoming the vessel of such. How would you like to deal with something that knows a lot more about how the world works than you do? Such as knowing economics back in the dark ages. It gives you a leg up, knowing how to make the banking system work for you.

But demons are also not as the appear in movies. They are not evil (maniacal laughter), no, they are EVIL, as in they would love to promise you something and have you chase the carrot all of your life in vane. Let you destroy your own life.

Many stories the person makes a deal with the devil for love. They want so and so to fall in love with them. But, the devil cannot give love. Doesn't know love, so that devil gives an illusion of love. And so, chasing that carrot, you will never get love.


Sounds like you read the Night Gods II... I make the point that evil is very practical, not a bunch of hocus pocus most of the evil characters are a part of the Council, wealthy businessmen.

As sick as this is , it needs to be shared or people forget and forgive.
These connection go back 5000 years as the Babylonian Priestcraft is alive and well unfortunately.

SteemON @richq11!


Thank you my friend! I wrote years ago that the true founder of civilization was the man who discovered he could use religious and esoteric symbolism to manipulate others... Some things never change!

The world today @richq11 is dangerous especially if we are raising children. The pressure of society against their morals is great because of the Internet, the Mainstream media, music, and all.


All a part of the great Eugenics experiment... I'm writing about it today!

Excellent piece. Some great connections made in this article.


Thanks, it's kind of hard cramming it all into one post. It took me 9 or 10 just to explain who Tavistock is... It's almost easier to explain who they're not!


You're doing it well, bud. Can't imagine it to be the nicest of subjects to research but someone has to do it. Looking forwards to getting back to your series on Tavistock.

I claim that human mind or human society is not divided into watertight compartments called social, political and religious. All act and react upon one another.

- Mahatma Gandhi

when someone mentions: "And they're all Satan-worshippers," my eyebrows raise up suspiciously.

I move on.
Nothing to see here.
(they must be drunk or on dope)

There are show-bottle Satanists, "doing their thing"; their pederasty is merely unbridled hedonism, and they consider the gratification of their immediate pleasure as sufficient license.
The committed ones, however, gain psychic and more subtle strengths from such practices and then they confuse it, knowingly or not, with spiritual energy. Theirs is a holy and VERY ancient crusade. Aren't traditional family values wonderful?
As others pointed out, ALL of the Abrahamic religions offer a haven to the charlatans and committed abusers/misusers/losers, many of which become prominent voices in their societies- but then you'll find that in ALL religions and social institutions with hierarchies- you get to choose whether you like atheist, Baptist, Satanist, Catholic, Jewish, Moslem, Shinto, shamanist, or whatever brand of pederasty you care to choose...but then, how is that any different from any other unconditional demand for the expression of personal freedom?
I've found the argument of "American values" weak my entire adult life- this current society rests of a foundation of lies, theft, and murder that's never been institutionally addressed, JUST LIKE ALL THE RESTthroughout history where the paradigm of strength as the purest merit holds sway (that would be nearly all of them, certainly every expansionist society).