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After a month or so of silence Lewis Arthur is back and so too is his message... Trust The Plan- God's Plan. What bothers me the most is the lack of support (or courage) of the so-called "truth movement" who seemed to be the first to condemn him for an alleged "lengthy criminal record," that consisted of one offense. Just as soon as Craig the "Hollywood Henchman" Sawyer spoke out the truther sheep jumped on the bandwagon. God forbid they should compromise their Patreon accounts. Well I have a lengthier criminal record than Lewis (two assault offenses). Fiona Barnett has Craig's number...

Fact: Tucson is a known child/human trafficking hub because of its proximity to the Mexican border.

Fact: Craig and his bogus organization (who won't disclose their tax returns) is located in Tucson. Their claim to fame is tagging along with police on two raids and watching.

Fact: Tucson Police are involved in the trafficking as is their Rothschild mayor.

Fact: Craig's organization has NEVER looked for trafficking in Tucson, only elsewhere (allegedly).

Fact: Cemex donates to the Clinton Foundation.

Fact: Craig is involved with the Clintons.

Fact: The sex camp that Lewis and VOP found was on Cemex property.

Do the math: Craig and the MSM in Tucson are fighting desperately to shut Lewis down. Why? Because they, along with the Mayor, the Clinton Foundation (Craig's boss) are involved. If Lewis was running a con he would have been arrested for that, not trespassing. Out of all the people involved Lewis and the VOP are the only legitimate actors in this tragic soap opera. What's most disappointing is the lack of backup by the paytriots in the "truth movement." Like Q says... Be careful who you follow. The ones squealing the loudest are the guilty and the ones being targeted the most are the biggest threat to the black hats.


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So glad to see you covering this again. I believe I am the only one still reporting on this, and notice many of my posts no longer show up under the tag backyardbrawl. Not sure why they have disappeared, they can still be found on my page though. Only 13 posts now show up under this tag and I have written 12 under the tag alone. Something weird going on here as well.


I've written two or three. I forgot today and had to splice it in. THis is the first video from Lewis I've seen. I'm happy Fiona has come out against that fraud Sawyer!!!


I have been keeping updated daily with what is going on there as it is from where I have lived over half my life, and was still there when this all first broke out. His faith and the way he is inspiring others to bypass the "officials" is beautiful. They can't stop this now, it is gaining momentum with every troll that jumps against him. The trolls are so stupid they don't get they are helping keep this in the public eye.

The days of their exploiting the women and children as though they were toys is coming to an end.


I've believed in him from the start and if a criminal record is the metric then people shouldn't follow me. Everybody does things they may not have had the situation been different.

I tried to lay things out in the post so people could add it all up. Sawyer is a really bad guy and I'm going to expose him one way or another. He's tied in with the Clintons, McCain, Rumsfeld and the rest- I'm convinced he's a plant running interference for the bad guys! I'm really disappointed with people like the SGT Report that claim to be about truth, but one word from Sawyer and they threw Lewis under the bus without ever trying to get to the truth. "He's got a criminal record" That's that!

how they love to trash truth tellers. Yes w could have wrapped this up a long time ago. I guess in God's time. Poor kids. Thanks @richq11


If I was younger and in better health I'd be down there!

Human trafficking is very very bad. Those whos are involved with it must be punished.