NUNUNU aka PizzaGate 2.0 children's clothing line with heavy pedophilic themes

in pedogate •  9 months ago  (edited)

I already talked about this. But i did not emphasize just hoe pedophilic and sick this company is. The images and clothing they have include -
photos of children in jail and cages
clothing with adult hands printed on them, the worst of all a shirt with a hand on the breast with a caption 'lets play'.
prepubescent children in extremely sexual poses
white splatters on a lot of their clothes
children covering their eyes, ears and mouth
all the morbid, satanic occult imagery of course
straitjacket imagery
miserable and sad children with strange bruises on them and bags under their eyes looking like they have been abused

To see this for yourself you can go to their instagram page or watch a livestream covering it.

At the very least anyone involved with and connected to this evil company should be heavily investigated for involvement in child abuse and pedophile rings. But we know from pizzagate, that that is not going to happen

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