Powerful pedophiles world wide part 4

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Here are John and Tony Podesta they are powerful pedophiles tied into the Washington D.C. elite. John Podesta's emails were sent to wikileaks and in them were codes depicting something far more sinister and anons from all over world went into action soon we had mapped out many of the social networks that the Podesta brothers were intwined with. Here are a few pieces of art the podesta brothers hang up in their homes or offices.

Here is this link it shows Tony Podesta taste in art and names his favorite artists Maria Abramovic is among the top 5 I will be doing an article on that degenerate later.
Here are better views of the art Tony likes and hangs in his house.
What kind of personality would hang these up and interchange them annually. This isn't some halloween horror fetish this is sick.

Here I will post links to disturbing and sinister emails by this network of pedophiles and powerbrokers that wikileaks exposed.

Map that could be pizza-related. If it was from chucky cheese would it be described by where the pizzamap (wtf) came from.

Here is an invitation by the imfamous Maria Abramovic to a special dinner they themselves call spirit cooking.

John is still in the torture chamber.

About half way through this one is a request to get pizza by the hour.

Here is an odd email at almost the bottom of the page it says something about sacrificing a chicken to moloch.

Here is another odd email. Its speaks of owl/minerva and that minerva agrees.

Here is an email talking about a pool party for the elite and there was a reassurance that the kids would be in the pool. Also the ages of children are listed for what ever reason.

Here is a video by Abby Martin discussing John Podesta as well as the inner workings of the Clinton campaign.

Here is a video by Math Easy Solutions talking about the evidence of the Podesta Bothers involvement in the Madeline Mccann case.

Here is cnn lying I just posted this for fun.

I hope these suck fucks face justice but I doubt that the law will hold them to account and get justice for the victims.

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Omg this is horrible, how can kids suffer like this and nothing is being done, my heart bleeds of this children, i want to be a part of this community that brings this crimes to light, how can i help😞😞


Learn the power of memes
Look up the battle of brexit
Look to Sweden as they are next


Expose corruption in your area

The evil these two have unleashed into our world. They should be imprisoned or worse#cfr-media-network-hdv-spr.png