Happy Holidays From The Peace Academy with @aggroed and @isaria // Episode 11 Show Notes and Audio // MSP-Waves Radio

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The Peace Academy with @aggroed and @isaria // Episode 11 Show Notes and Audio // Msp-Waves Radio

Show Highlights

  • Anarchy is not a noun, but an adjective (or a verb)

  • Listened to “Anarchy” by Utah Phillips which describes the delta between coercive force and voluntary action

  • We all have a tendency to cause violence so we must make a constant effort to stray from the path of violence and instead create a constant, conscious effort to enact peace
  • It is our responsibility to step back and look at the rigged system that we currently have and ask ourselves if it is serving the needs of humanity
  • We can’t change the system from the inside

  • We can however remove our consent and resist through education, connecting people, protest

Please Join Us For Episode 12 of The Peace Academy this Saturday 8-9 PM EST!

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Happy new year to everybody. Peace, greater peace than never before may we find in this year and beyond.

happy peace academy to you...

Happy hollyday. Nice post.

Thank you for your peace efforts. I agree strongly on the third point:

"It is our responsibility to step back and look at the rigged system that we currently have and ask ourselves if it is serving the needs of humanity."

Peace come from inside and expressed outwardly. If outward efforts for peace are implemented through violence there remains a trail of wounds and vendettas. If we act responsible we may do more than reform but renew.

Happy HODLdays!!!
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Your post is very good @aggroed, I like the video you share this, thank you for sharing, I will wait for your next posting, greeting friendship for all friends steemit

Hi @aggroed,

First of all i would like to say you a big thank you for discussing this important issue PEACE. It is the utmost need of the hour to bring Peace among humanity through educational efforts, through music, through charity, through humors activities and last but not the least through Love.

Life is very beautiful but never easy especially when it comes to wars. Wars are always give boost to a few who controls the world both directly and indirectly.

Under such scenario your work and commitment to #steemit is appreciable and you are doing wonders through your post.

My support and Respect is always with you.

Stay Blessed, Steem On.

... Yes with these beautiful writings ... maybe you can be a Santa Claus

Great peace accademy..thanks for sharing