Haunting of the Indumilitaristocracy

in peace •  14 days ago

Indumilitaristocracy (Industrial Military Aristocracy). 20 letter word score, ScRABbLe On!

My impression of an Indumilitaristocrat .."Look boyz! ..a Tarist! .. let's go git us some Tarists an call them terrorists while we terrorize the people we fear cuz they are different from us."

The defense budget can only grow if those responsible claim to not be terrorizing. Else it would diminish, like the Canadian defense budget. The Canadian approach to war is having a new neighbor to respect which makes bombing their family members a problem for the conscience and common sense.

I can believe that somewhere in the United States there is a powerful crazy ol' white man cooped up in his mansion since 1989. While brandishing a pistol in one hand and a forty pounder of whiskey in the other he is haunted by paranoid visions of these Tarists. A bullet hole in the lampshade causes a ray of light to attack his eyes .."Tarists, TARISTS!".

I feel bad for him.

We don't have to shoot him back as that would not set a better example nor would it preserve the moral highground. First we have to convince him to put the gun away, bottle down and set him on a path to recovery. Thank you.

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