Remembrance Sunday & Armistice Day. 12 November 2017. Video 1 hour.

in peace •  last year

Hi. Me again. I'm still in the process of sorting through an incredible amount of vlogs and blog posts I have been posting in various places. I started a channel on Patreon to share some recent things in my life. It's not really about my art. It's about a personal journey.

There are some notes/transcript if you want to click through to the YouTube page.

My Patreon link is and subs start at $1. It's where I will be posting everything I have, and sharing some of that for free also, elsewhere.

I'm still making art and stuff, I'm gradually posting to my website, and will still share what I'm up to here on Steemit. I hope you are all well and have peace with you today. :)

Aeryn x

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