"Magnolia In It's Full Glory" - White Is White Challenge - Wednesday Flowers

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I shot this photo of a Magnolia in full bloom on The Old Magnolia Highway in Saucier, Mississippi.
This is my entry for the contest by @dmcamera "White Is White Challenge"
1A Green.jpg

Both #whiteiswhite and #wiwcontest are organized by @dmcamera.


Monday: White Photographed Against White
Tuesday: Animals
Wednesday: Flowers
Thursday: Food And Drink
Friday: Architecture
Saturday: Water In Nature
Sunday: Anything Goes

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1A Green.jpg

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Magnolias are beautiful flowers - looks quite big on this photo ... and the little bee is busy collecting :)


Thanks Johann Piber, It really is a huge flower. This Magnolia is the state flower here in Mississippi. The bee is a normal Honey Bee so that gives you an idea of how big it is.


Thank you for your reply and explanation @anothervoice.