Stakepool is going full crypto - So from today we will no longer accept PayPal in Stakepool Shop.

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Stakepool PayPal No More!

From today shopping with PayPal will no longer be possible on Since the start we have offered our customers payment using PayPal or Bitcoin - BUT - From today we will only accept Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies that plugin with WooCommerce, the shopping solution we use here on Stakepool.

PayPal is not secure

Hacking PayPal-accounts is the hackers #1 income-source online. They do not offer any kind of 2FA Authentication, PayPal is easily fooled and country-based using slow aging centralized technology that should have been banned years ago for being so ineffective and dirty.

PayPal is centralized

They say PayPal is country-based, well - that is not true at all. PayPal is a centralized data-machine that saves your credit or debit-card information and allow you to receive some money to your account which is your email-address, which in itself is not safe as anyone can read your emails - just look at Hilary Clinton. We don´t want to deal with a centralized company like PayPal who work in such insecure manners, so to protect ourselves and our users and to take a clear stand - we have removed PayPal from our shop. It is over PayPal - we are no longer friends - PayEnemy - EvilCorp - That is what you are PayPal, that is what you are.

PayPal is expensive

A long time ago the Internet needed payment processors - and Elon Musk (yes, the same guy who sell big batteries, talking about going to space and has produced an upscaled version of an electric RC-car) saw an opportunity to make one, and using dirty business-tactics they managed to "monopolize" Internet payment - and I guess we just got "used to paypal" so everybody uses it - well - not us - not anymore. Your PayPal is not legal tender in our store. Use Bitcoin.

PayPal is no longer needed

Everybody at Stakepool use AdvCash - It is so much better then PayPal, and it lets you transfer in and out through any currency or payment-provider, even lets you take out as much CASH as you need from your local ATM-Machine using Bitcoin. We Love AdvCash - You should sign up for AdvCash right now - it is true freedom compared to what you are used to, and the FEES - 0 % when you use Bitcoin, and as low as possible on everything else.

AdvCash is just so much better then anything out there, so go get one now!

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PayPal service and wishy-washy response to security and fraud always made me be weary of them. It's so exciting to see these options that most people have no clue about.

Hope they grow and do better as more and more people embrace them!

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Paypal is going down slowly. No need for dinosaur-banks in a crypto world!

Good info!!

Everyone has known thats its time to move on from paypal... They just need something else to look forward to. Same as the people bored with facebook will soon turn to rely on steemit and decentralize they lives. Great article!