My first payout!

in payouts •  5 months ago 

I've been using steemit for about 60 days or so but i didn't earn much then. Now, i am happy to announce that i finally did it!
If your new here i can tell you there is hope for you too! Also those people who say you can't earn anything before you get to rank 50 well that's partly true because once you've earned 20 dollars you are at rank 50 that's how ranking works. anyway a HUGE thanks to all those who upvoted me and made this possible and also to my subscribers!!!

Its been fun being part of this community! and well yea. so for all you new steemers you should try to keep commenting and make a few posts every so often and you will probably make your first payout soon!

Good luck!! And have a happy new year!

50UPVOTES.png firstpayout.png

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Sounds encouraging.
Thank you for posting this.