Pay it forward Curation #67

in #payitforward7 months ago

For the purpose of curation, here are my two nomination to @pifc for week 67

Blog 1




@papilloncharity has shared a very interesting lizard with us, the lizard who is flipping in pictures - I have never seen anything like this in my real life or pictures. Check the unique post here -

Blog 2




@birdsinparadise shares about the importance of friends and socialization with a very unique context and also a new game called Mahjong.

Check @pifc curation initiative that is running every week here

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The good times are back :)

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You are so kind @vibesforlife! This is so thoughtful and I am truly honored. Made my day :) Glad to see you enjoyed the post!

@vibesforlife! A great thank you for our selection here and it was also my first time to see a Lizard doing this.

hehe yes such an interesting post :)

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Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 67 is confirmed.

thank you I appreciate it

Thank you for the entry @vibesforlife! I really enjoyed both of your selections, and being a member of powerhousecreatives, you made my job of upvoting/commenting on "our" own very easy for me too :)

Hey Lynn,

thank you for your continuous support :) my phc sister

Thanks for your enjoyable entry. I've supported both of your bloggers.

thank you :):)

Very good choices, @vibesforlife! I'm glad you decided to come back to Steem. You're a great addition to this blockchain!

Wonderful choices @vibesforlife. I am very fond of both featured Steemians.

Thank you for your Judges Choice Winning entry for week 67. As a bonus for your winning entry you get a extra tokens as will the bloggers who you featured:

Hi vibesforlife, this write-up was particularly meaty, fulfilling, wholesome, beefy and deserving of a CHOPS token. Don't Chomp on it all at once!
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