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RE: **CLOSED No New Entries** Week 8 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

in #payitforward3 years ago (edited)

Thanks for this contest. It's a really great initiative to make sure new members won't leave SteemIt as quickly as they joined.

Crypto is a difficult world. Just over the last weeks, two projects I had invested in... collapsed. I might as well had put it all on Steem. Stupid me. 😣


I keep debating moving more of my money into steem from other coins. Each time I debate it Steem seems to jump in price and I decide not to then I wait to long after it comes down as I always think it might go a little

Sorry you dealt with that. Hurts when that happens, but at least you are still here and positive about steem!

Yes, this Crypto world is still a mess. One of the projects collapsed because the team was hacked and someone stole all their ETH and coins of the project. Damn criminals... :-/

These kind of things make me think the Ethereum Network is not that as safe as some preach it. Whenever there's a hack, it seems that an Ethereum token is always the victim.

Now I'm starting to focus on other projects, which aren't Ethereum tokens and have their own blockchains. Aside from STEEM, my favourites are ARK, KMD, AION, ICON, WAN, IOC & SYS.

I'm also focusing on a few currencies, like Dash, Decred and Monero.

As for Ethereum tokens, I'll start thinking a lot more before I invest in them again.