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RE: **CLOSED No New Entries** Week 8 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

in #payitforward3 years ago

@thedarkhorse Thanks so much for featuring @backpackingchef's entry and therefore my blog; it's so great to have support from such an inspiring community so early on in my journey. Thank you and I hope to bring you all some great permaculture insights as my way to #payitforward


Just upvoted all of your posts to help get you started here on steemit. Thank you for stopping by and showing your gratitude. If you join and find some bloggers to feature you will be eligible for the first time entry bonus.

Thank you so much. By joining, you mean if I write a curation post and submit it to your competitions? Sorry I'm new here!

Exactly. We have had some great entries from newer members. You gain exposure to those in the contest & the judges. Plus you are helping other gain exposure. Will be posted the rules for week 9 in about 10 hours from now.