Day 19: New Logo

in payitforward •  3 months ago

@minnowbuilder is getting ready to launch next week. To give everyone a few days to review the concept and make plans we are going to lay out the concept tomorrow.

With the launch coming up we needed a logo, here is what I came up with:


As always looking for feedback so please be honest, what do you think of the logo?

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Not bad. Simple and to the point. For some reason though I pictured a fish in a hard hat...too cheesy I guess LOL


I like it! Now I need someone that can create it. This was simple clip art that is free to use for commercial applications.

Simple is all my skill set allows for to be honest and wanted something that was free.

Like it. Can you flip the image so the fish is swimming upstream or is that being picky lmao


Who says that it isn't swimming upstream?


Nice idea.

Overall, I like it... but I don't like the font you used for the letters. They are too rough.


So more of a rounded type of font?


Yep, that would be cool.

I like the idea! Just few suggestions please...

  • In addition to @andrewharland's comment about going up, flip the fish to face right, going forward not backward
  • Make the fish bigger to emphasize it and not the letterings
  • In contrast to second item, reduce the letterings

Black background color? How about making the square an ocean? That is, make the background blue and the fish a different color. Red?


It's a hard balance size wise to have big enough font to read it, but small enough to fit for the logo when the little thumbnail we all see is tiny. Will play a little more.

Went for simple as it's my skill set, but ocean background would be cool. Not sure about a redfish...being we are trying to build accounts out of that phase ;)


You are correct. Red fish does not look good on blue ocean. Maybe just another share of blue to distinguish it from the background.