TIC-TAC-TOE or Hat-Trick Reward for "Pay It Forward" Contestants by @thedarkhorse

in #payitforward3 years ago (edited)

I am Offering this Reward to Encourage People to "Grow Trees", a "Pay It Forward Tree".

Please read through the post top to bottom

as rules that are stated first GOVERNS and the later rules are for clarification only.

See: Bonus for Entering "Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 5 for definition of terms.

See: The Best Time to "Plant a Tree" - Here on SteemIt, Is Right Now! for what "tree" means here.

See: the List of Eligible Nominating Bloggers

Purpose: To Encourage all Participants to "the contest" to grow a "Pay It Forward Tree"

What is counted?

  • An Entry to "the contest" by a "nominee".


  • A "nominating blogger" who has three (3) entries by three (3) different "nominees" in the following fashion -
    Just like TIC-TAC-TOW, "3 in a row" in any direction continuously without a gap or empty spot - all 3 in the same entry or three consecutive levels with one entry counted (as in tic-tac-toe fashion).

For example:

All three nominees in one entry by the nominating blogger have all submitted a valid entry to "the contest".

  • there is no time limit to getting this reward
  • eligibility must be in a comment below when completed and with details showing all "nominees", their entries and all "nominating entries"
  • eligibility is one-time only for each blogger

Eligibility is determined each week and will ONLY include the current week's entries and two previous week's entries - i.e. For this week, week 5, eligible entries will only include entries for this week, week 4 and week 3 for eligibility.

Nominees who either have already submitted to a Pay It Forward contest prior to his / her being nominated or has been nominated by another nominating blogger are not counted for this reward.

I have prepared a table listing week 3 and week 4, and 5 entries and nominees.

For how to determine the levels, see: The Best Time to "Plant a Tree" - Here on SteemIt, Is Right Now!


TBD - at the current time, a total of four rewards based on time of a valid (with sufficient details) claim - the first one who achieved a "hat-trick" will be rewarded 1.5 SBD, the second will be rewarded 1 SBD, and the third and fourth will be rewarded 0.5 SBD each.

Amended (see example below) - 3rd and 4th place rewards can include weeks 1 and 2 and need not be sequential from one week to the next two but with only one skip of one week and IF details are provided by claimant (as I'll only click on details provided to verify).
**In week 5 - entry #10, @headchange nominated: 1. @ginnyannette who submited week 5 entry #19 , and 2. @me2selah aho submitted week 5 entry #22 , and 3. @triplef who submitted week 5 entry #27 and once this entry is verified with an entry number AND @headchange makes the claim for first prize, the win will be confirmed HERE!

Confirmed winner: 🌋 🌄 🌈 @headchange wins 1st prize! 🌋 🌄 🌈

A comment HERE on THIS POST must be made to claim the reward. Providing the necessary details is the responsibility of the claimant!

Time Limit

None - but as the saying goes: "While Supplies (my SBD) Lasts ..." and at any time, IF / when I commented below to end the same.

BUT, as I am not getting much support for this bonus, it will NOT be repeated unless things change ...

As stated before, I am here to:

  • encourage
  • inspire
  • help
  • collaborate

And, upvote is not required

Note to those with low SP (less than 50 SP) - Please Do NOT upvote. I would rather see meaningful comments than any upvotes.

Your 2 Cent Vote is Worthless, The Real Deal on Dust Votes - @thedarkhorse


Thank for the new bonus @ freedomshift

Sorry, i have a confusion about it . is secuencial?, like this:

@bananamemos > @victorsilab > soyjohancy

Or just a 3 new participates in one enty?

i see your list, for that my question, @bananamemo don't apply? just the girls after me??

Thank for your time, effort and monetary contribution

@victorsilab - Winner, winner chicken dinner 🐣 🐤 🍗
@bananamemos > @victorsilab (week 2) > @backpackingchef (week 6 Entry #14) > @permieemmy (week 8 Entry #13) > submitted entry 5 week 9.
This time, @bananamemos is the 3rd 🏅 place winner of "hat trick" fair and square!

🎆 🎈 🎇 🎉

Although the prize of 0.5 SBD has already been paid (my mistake), this makes it right! I'll think of something for rewarding @permieemmy ...

Excellent.. the tree still growing

@victorsilab -

is secuencial?, like this:
@bananamemos > @victorsilab > soyjohancy

That is one of the three ways. But, it must be consecutive as in weeks - I can only go back so far, and this is for weeks 3, 4, and 5 (this week)
I see:

@bananamemos Entry #20 (W3 @armando19 @buckaroo @izzynoel)

So, when were you nominated? week 1 or 2 or did I miss something.

The reason for consecutive weeks is to limit the work that I have to do to verify and tabulate eligible entries and even at that, it is a lot of work.

And again:

Providing the necessary details is the responsibility of the claimant!

So, please show me the details, contest week, contest entry that each was nominated and I'll decide.

In the spirit of the reward, I might make an exception or amendment to the rules.

But, please help me with the details so I don't have to dig for them.

All the best!


@victorsilab - I just realized that I was confused.
In the follow sequence, even after granting the exception, @bananamemos only achieved two *, one from you, @victorsilab, submitting an entry as his nominee, and one for @soyjohancy submitting her entry.

@bananamemos ** > @victorsilab * > @soyjohancy *

So, it was my mistake.

The 3rd place prize is therefore not claimed!

@bananamemos 0.5 SBD , @victorsilab 0.1 SBD are just my loss for being confused.

So, it was my mistake.

Is too easy be confused with your bonus XD (is a joke) .

Understood, with you argument, @bananamemos require who another nominee to become as a participants

it can be fixed - @soyjohancy nominated @misselectric, @jedyu , @phoebeglen and IF any one of them submitting an entry - it's "hat trick".

  1. @bananamemos *** > @victorsilab * > @soyjohancy * > @misselectric *
  2. @bananamemos *** > @victorsilab * > @soyjohancy * > @jedyu *
  3. @bananamemos *** > @victorsilab * > @soyjohancy * > @phoebeglen *

* indicates that a valid entry has been submitted tp "Pay It Forward".

understood.. for the moment i only can waiting. i will contact with @soyjohancy. Thank for your support

the idea is to win, you need to help / encourage 3 nominees to submit an entry in certain sequence - and I counted @bananamemos by mistake.

all right. few to few you will go solving all issues, is just matter of time until you cover all it inconvenients

This is a great initiative dear. I'm pretty sure your effort to help out will not go unnoticed. May you continue to give to the community as you are.

Hello there! Thank you so much for the bonus

Just found this memo! Surprising and my wife is the one who's really happy for it. Just like you said, I don't vote but I will try to grow up the Pay It Forward tree. This is so inspirational.

Help and encourage your nominees to also enter and you could get this "hat-trick" reward.

Please see the list for this example:

@digitalmind ** is based on:
@elsiekjay * which in turn is based on:
@sherbanu *
So, if @sherbanu nominated someone who submitted an entry, @digitalmind will have three in a row, vertically or directly on different levels / weeks.

@bashadow ** has one for each of the weeks 3 and 4 and will need one this week to get 3 across to win.

Another nice expansion @freedomshift, thank you.

you need to enter and have one of your nominees to enter to win - you as the "hat trick" winner, and s/he as the "first time for nominee" bonus.
All the best!

@digitalmind only need @sherbanu to do the same and @digitalmind wins without having to do anything.

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Claim for first prize
**In week 5 - entry #10, @headchange nominated: 1. @ginnyannette who submited week 5 entry #19 , and 2. @me2selah aho submitted week 5 entry #22 , and 3. @triplef who submitted week 5 entry # PENDING

@freedomshift I think I got it right this time? Thanks so much for taking all this time to help

@headchange - Yes, I am confirming that you are the first to claim the first prize with sufficient details and as soon as the entry by @triplef has been verified to be a valid entry by having been listed in the contest list:

verified: Entry 27

Pay out of the reward, once validated, will be Tuesday.
All the best!

triplef verified at #27

Confirmed winner: 🌋 🌄 🌈 @headchange wins 1st prize! 🌋 🌄 🌈

Thank you so much!!! Also thanks for all you do. I see you working hard to make sure everyone knows, and don't miss out. It is appreciated.

in 7 days, this post has received $0.28 from 8 votes:
resulting in:

freedomshift author reward: 0.108 SBD, 0 STEEM and 0.030 SP

This is a good reference data point upvote values.

Paid out 1st prize and 3rd prize:

freedomshift transfer 1.500 SBD to headchange 1st Prize for "hat trick" or "3 in a rwo": https://steemit.com/payitforward/@freedomshift/tic-tac-toe-or-hat-trick-reward-for-pay-it-forward-contestants-by-thedarkhorse
freedomshift transfer 0.500 SBD to bananamemos 3rd Prize for "hat trick" or "3 in a row": https://steemit.com/payitforward/@freedomshift/tic-tac-toe-or-hat-trick-reward-for-pay-it-forward-contestants-by-thedarkhorse
and something extra:
freedomshift transfer 0.100 SBD to victorsilab 20% of 3rd Prize for "hat trick" or "3 in a row" for helping the winner: https://steemit.com/payitforward/@freedomshift/tic-tac-toe-or-hat-trick-reward-for-pay-it-forward-contestants-by-thedarkhorse

Note: 2nd prize and 4th prize are still available - as there is no time limit - but whoever is eligible must provide the details (I'll not go search for eligibility but will only verify information provided) AND claim it here.

Okay, not sure if this is correct:

13 @bashadow ** => Week 4 Entry #1 @headchange ✍ *** 1st =>
44 @headchange *** Week 5 Entry #10 @triplef ✍ * =>
55 @triplef * => Week 5 Entry #27 => @aninamaev ✍ =>
64 @aninamaev Week 6 Entry #15

But I did nominate @headchange, so I am guessing the rest is correct to, but I honestly do not know for sure, kind of hard to do all tracing back for me. I do enjoy participating in "Pay it Forward" so it could be right.

Confirmed winner: 🌋 🌄 🌈 @bashadow wins 2nd prize! 🌋 🌄 🌈

the second will be rewarded 1 SBD.

Cool thank you so much, I think with that you just got me to 550 SP. (when I get to powering up)

Updated List for determining eligibility.

The Rewards:

The "hat trick" rewards for 3rd 🏅 , and 4th place 🏅 are still available and there is no time limit to claim them.
The rewards and rules are subject to changes and revision to make them more rewarding and encouraging.
All additional contributions or support are welcome.