The Best Time to "Plant a Tree" - Here on SteemIt, Is Right Now!

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What is the best time to plant a tree?

1 ) Ten years ago (but IF you haven't done so ...)

2 ) Right Now!

It is NEVER TOO LATE to Do Something Good!

I posted this comment on the current Pay It Forward contests:

To all sttemians who have submitted an entry to the current Pay It Forward contests or any future ones (1):

Please notify your nominee / featured blogger that they are eligible for the Bonus for nominee

IF I notify them, I'll be flagged for SPAM-ing (3 * 15+) times, so, please help notify them (this message 3 times, one for each).
Note(1): IF "the bonus" ( the Bonus for nominee) was offered (I have enough to offer the same for 3 more times) in the future.

But ... What Does THIS have ANYTHING to Do With TREES??? - You asked ...

Plenty! I'll tell you why.

The bonus currently has 5 entries:

Entry '#B-' (for bonus)nominee eligiblenominated bynominated onthe current entry
1@mr-bike (46)@bashadowweek 3 entryentry #4
2@victorsilab (36)@bananamemosweek 2 entryentry #3
3@honeysim (42)@freedomshiftweek 1 entryentry #8
4@dipoabasch (35)@cicisajaweek 4 entryentry #15
5@sherbanu (44)@elsiekjayweek 3 entryentry #17

So, starting with one steemian and the judges:

root steemianfirst level steemiansecond level steemianthird level steemian
"pay it forward contest" and @thedarkhorse@bashadow@mr-bike@quynhngan253 , @kryptocek , @jan23com
..@bananamemos@victorsilab@magaland , @erick.esquivel , @thecryptodunker
..@freedomshift@honeysim@scrawly , @tinadahmen , @incredibleirah
..@cicisaja@dipoabasch@seanllyod , @ambriya11nov , @kandywriter
..@elsiekjay@sherbanu@habibrahad , @taniaislam , @sampaakter

Is THAT not a SteemIt Tree?

These are just the ones that entered for the bonus and have reached level 3.

Imagine the possibilities IF more would "Pay It Forward!


What is the best time to plant a tree?

1 ) Ten years ago (but IF you haven't done so ...)

2 ) Right Now!

It is NEVER TOO LATE to Do Something Good!

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” ― Zig Ziglar !



And so the word grows, the tree grows, and the branches spread far and wide and intermingle branches and roots, providing protection and stability to all.

That is a great quote from Zig Ziglar!

More people that join the contest the better and bigger it becomes. The larger the prize pool becomes rewarding the entries and now working on a discord channel to help those in the contest communicate with each other and help promote each other beyond the contest.

This post and the quotes / messages are to get people to overcome any reluctance or inertia.

Yeah, I'd count that as a tree. :-D

Oh my. This is such a thoughtful thing to say and do. I will do my part as you have already done yours.
Thank you for supporting this initiative @freedomshift

I would like to plant more trees 😃 in case of my previous trees need more light and water to grow. I will keep on planting trees, cause I believe... It is my duty to pay it forward, no matter how many times I have to try.

I am thinking about a multi-level tree planting bonus for those who have encouraged their nominee(s) and the nominee(s) of nominee(s) to "Pay It Forward" and growing deeper levels and perhaps wider levels of trees.
Perhaps a "hat trick bonus" for next week?

hat trick
three successes of the same kind, especially consecutive ones within a limited period.
"the band completes the trilogy, making for a dubious musical hat trick"

Woooowwww! That's a great idea! I wish I had enough power to support your idea. But I think I will encourage my featured bloggers to start planting the trees too. I love the idea of pay it forward.

@dipoabasch - You or anyone do not need power (SP) but the "power of persuasion" and to encourage and help your nominees to make an entry to the Pay It Forward contest - "three wide" meaning all three nominees in the same entry entered and you, the nominating steemian gets a reward, the "hat trick to Pay It Forward" reward. Or, the three deep - your nominee and his/her nominee, and his or hers nominee (this is more indirect and more difficult, I think.

I have also started a "world changer" contest and reward ...

100% agree on Zig's comment here :) Thanks for the mention guys!

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