In Helping Others - Day 207 - Haiku - on helping others, accepting help graciously, and the eternal value of kindness

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Accepting help has,
for much of my life, been what
I was least good at.

It always amazes me how so often those of us who are into helping others, while we have no problem asking for help on behalf of others, are loathe to ask for help for ourselves, even when badly needed.

And although I have seen this trait play out in both men and women, women seem to be far more often afflicted, and often to a far greater extent.

Although there is a psychological element to it, much of the issue is societal, as much of society still sends messages that girls are less important than boys, that women are objects rather than individuals judged on their own merits, and an unfortunately large percentage of women harbor a version of these messages within, preventing them from fully stepping into and owning their own power.

One area where it often plays out is in an inability to accept compliments, which as a young woman I had a real issue with; from my perspective they often felt untrue, as I was judging myself far more harshly than were those around me, and thus I often felt the compliments were insincere, or that I was undeserving of them.

And we've all seen this in action, when you give someone a sincere compliment, and they either brush it off or contradict it; countering "You look beautiful," for example, with something like "No, I don't," or "You don't really mean that."

Like girls and women apologizing for simply taking up space, which I see almost daily, it is a disturbingly common trend, and has affected a high percentage of the girls and women in my life.

Fortunately, my confidence and sense of self worth are far greater as I've gotten older, in part because I've matured past needing to seek approval from others, and in part because I've come to appreciate my own gifts and talents as valuable in their own rights.

Though I still have my moments, as many of us do, I am now more likely to catch myself, thank the giver, and simply smile and let it flow.

And I go out of my way to give more compliments than I used to. They are always deserved.

And it remains a fact of life and the universe that the more we give, without expecting in return, the more we receive.

Such was the case a week or so ago, when I finally gave in and advertised for someone to come and rescue the honeybees that took up residence in the bay window of the original house on our property.

When I spoke to a local beekeeper about it last year, he gave me the impression that I was looking at several hundred dollars to get it done, not counting repairing the wall after the fact. So the project was put on the back burner, and when the hive disappeared mid-season, and I saw no more activity, it became a nonissue.

Then early this spring it became clear that the bees were back in force. And, whereas last year they appeared in April only to disappear by June, this year they were still active and very much in evidence through September.

So it was a pleasant surprise indeed when I got a message from a very nice local gentleman who had already done several cut outs in different homes, kept bees himself, and assured me that not only would he not charge me, but that he would replace the wood when he was done, with as little damage as possible.

During our conversation, when I mentioned that we were also dealing with a nest of yellow jackets on our front porch, he offered to take care of them at the same time when he took the bees.

When he came out to check the hive, he couldn't have been nicer, Lolo took to him immediately, and vice versa.

I instantly felt comfortable with him, and as we talked, we discovered a lot of common ground, including not only a love of bees and a shared interest in beekeeping, but a love of organic gardening and aquaponics, of dogs and animals in general, and of natural non-GMO foods.

For his efforts, I gifted him with a bottle of my homemade hickory liqueur, which happily he really liked, and led to more discussions about distilling, fermenting, home brewing and winemaking, the latter of which he and his wife have been experimenting with for the past several years, with increasingly good results.

Interestingly, though he initially thought that we were dealing with a monster hive, as it turned out the bees had only a few brood combs, and virtually no honey. Had we left them where they were, they would have starved to death, long before winter's end. Damn.

He left the area where they had built their hive open for a few days, so that the stragglers would vacate, and he'll be back in a couple of days to close it up, and to relocate the yellow jackets far from the house.

And had I not been willing to ask for and accept help, I wouldn't have made a new friend with so many shared interests, we would not have discovered in each other a depth of knowledge in our areas of interest, and we would both have been the poorer for it. I have little doubt that he and his wife will become good friends.

Life is wonderful and keeps getting better and better. ;-)

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What a story @crescendoofpeace 😉 so the beehive not kind of bees that produce honey? Well.. I saw hundreds of bee trying to find a settle at the cattapa tree in front if the mosque accross my shop last week, I pray to God to let them choose my rambutan tree as their new place 😊 but I found out that they flew to other place out of our residential compound.. have no clue where they are now😔

I always wondering what will you get after sharing the food to a man at the gas station before😊 and so happy to read this post. In my religion, Islam, we're told that the more you give to others willingly the more you get for yourself.. at least your healthiness and happiness.


Yeah, the really odd thing was that there were honeybees, but evidently their hive was disturbed or something happened to prevent them from making honeycomb.

As I said, they started to build a hive there last year and left, so maybe something similar happened this year, but some of them stayed, but possibly without a queen to direct their actions.

At this point, all we can do is guess. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

I upvoted your post.

Best regards,

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Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

Yes, accepting help is something I have always struggled with and continue to do so...
I know how you feel.

Glad you were able to open up some and allow this gentleman to remove those bees! Most of the time, beekeepers will remove them for free, because they get a free colony of bees out of it! Sounds like he went above and beyond though, with the yellowjackets! (Those things are awful!)


I've gotten better at it over the years, but then there are still times, and situations, where even if I really need help,I simply can't bring myself to ask for it. So I still have every bit as much work to do on it as anyone.

I'm really looking forward to Mike coming back this weekend and getting them off my porch once and for all, because I'll admit I'm growing tired of effectively being banished from my own front porch, and being relegated to coming in and out the back door, even when it is not convenient.

But at the moment, not getting stung a zillion times makes avoiding them worth the effort. I'll be really glad when they are gone.

Great story and such an important message! I resonate so much with your experience as a young woman, unable to graciously take a compliment or ask for help. Apologetic about taking up space, or needing anything. It is such a blessing that girls are being raised now with more self-worth. And we women developing that for ourselves is a big part of why they can be that from an earlier age. Not all of course. There are some circles that are very much teaching the old ways. But there is progress.


There is indeed progress, and I'm grateful to see it as well.

I'm blessed to have friends who raised their daughters right from the start, absolutely confident in their truth as amazing creators in their own right, and they've become amazing human beings.

And, although none of them have children of their own as yet, they are already influencing others in positive ways, and it is a joy to witness.