Week 45 - Pay It Forward Curation Entry

in payitforward •  2 months ago

Hey Steemains

Its that time of the week again, where I go a bit of treasure hunting or dumpster diving you choose by the quality of the posts I find.

So let's dive in and see what we can find this week shall we? This is my 14th attempt in sniffing out good posts from smaller authors and I think I'm getting better at it, what do you think?

Found a few hidden gems?

If you found or know of an author that you feel is undervalued and would like to give them 15 seconds of fame why not enter the @pifc curation contest. You can find all the details you need in this weeks submission request post here

This week I managed to find some practical advice on how to use freelancers and a pretty entertaining sifi story

My Pay It Forward Authors of the week are:

Post 1: What Freelance Writers Should Know About Hiring Editors by @fabfreelancer

  • Author Reputation: 38
  • Post payout: $0.00

Some really helpful tips on dealing with an editor and how you can get improved content for your website with various freelance services

You can find it here

Post 2: Starswift (chapter 6) by @steemydave

  • Author Reputation: 51
  • Post payout: $0.36

The 6th edition in a steemy daves original and fascinating Sifi story

You can read it here

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Thank You Chekohler for mentioning me!

I'm still newish on Steem and trying to figure my way around the community here. So far I've read some excellent posts and am glad I joined. Also glad I've found your blog. I'm now following it and am happy that I've now got a great resource for finding other great blogs and members through you. I feel grateful for you. Thanks Again!

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Well you’re putting out great original stuff so it was only a matter of time! Some take longer than others but eventually we find you, lol sounds a bit like Liam neeson

I followed you and want to see you keep improving and congrats not the curie vote that’s brilliant

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy... Awesome pick @chekohler, Enjoying both of the featured bloggers and see the second one got picked by curie too! you are before them.. and that's cool! see you around


Lol you see? Sometimes you can’t rush these things I think this the second or 3rd time I’ve picked someone who turned out to be a curie worthy seems I have a keen eye for the good stuff lol

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Yeahh.. me too😆 but I'm too busy with many things around me rather than exploring the steemit ocean😉 and yess.. You have a keen eyes!

Thank you so much for including me, what a nice surprise! I'm honored :)


Well your post caughty my eye and I thought it deserved way more exposure. Keep it up you're helping making this place a great way to find cool content