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RE: **CLOSED No New Entries** Week 8 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

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Firm believer in creating Good Karma. Good Things come to those who First do Good Things for Others. This is copied from your profile and what an excellent and inspiring wordings to ponder about. Kudos @thedarkhorse. Your name shall be not dark horse must be changed to light horse which spreads light to many of your followers.

I wish I could join in this league but yet not sure how to proceed as i feel myself as tiny fish and really feels afraid by seeing you such whales playing freely in this big ocean. The way this contest is formatted also motivates one to bring changes or colors to other steemiens.

I am eight weeks late here with this contest but I strongly believe Better Late Than Never. I wish if I had some power for my voting so that I could do upvote, but there is nil value, so there is no upvote. Sorry

Thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity and Stay Blessed.


Your vote still has value when it's added to a post or comment that will be above the "dust vote" level. Really as a newer member with a small vote it's best used on posts as a few small votes like yours will equal a penny.

As for entering the contest, there are plenty of others that are your level that have entered. Don't ever let your lack of experience stop you from trying something. Worst case you fail and have to try again, but this is how you grow and learn. You can't get better at something without actually doing it. This contest doesn't judge based on your reputation score or voting power, purely on the quality of the blog posts you feature as part of your entry.

Thanks for your information regarding the voting. It is nice to know that ultimately somewhere the non value votes have some credibilty..hehe..

The second part inspiring me a lot. You are true..I should start some where as there is no replacement of experience. Only those who try will learn things. Thank You and will see you in your comment section.

Adding to what @thedarkhorse said @angelro, it dosent matter whether youre a tiny fish like me or a whale like them, what matters is the sincerity at which you put in your writing. Like i said, am a tiny fish like yourself maybe even smaller but that didnt discourage me... I actually thought of it as an opportunity i wouldnt want to miss and so i went to the comments on my posts since i only knew one person with the requirement because i was still fresh. I searched my for genuine and sincere comment and i found my people. After reading their post myself, i was beyond convinced that they were the one for me and i sincerely wrote about them from my heart and their works. I was a nervous wreck untill week 7 winners announcement was posted and i went through it... I was beyond happy to see that i featured as one of the winners. So you see, its not really about been big or small, its about been devoted, consistent,openhearthed and sincere. You should really add your entry to that list...who knows, you might catch the judges fancy.

Thank you dear @cuppcake...It really moved me.I agree cent percent with you and moreover I may know too about what exactly you said and the lightning @thedarkhorse has said in his reply. The essence is if we wouldnt try we wont reach anywhere.

Like that stage fear know...That butterfly moment from the stomach while trying to do something for the first time. may be that is holding me...

but i will and I can...So lets wait and watch...

Thanks a lot and Stay blessed..

I'm still a fairly small fish, nowhere near a whale. Not even a dolphin

Otherwise everything you have written is dead on.