I teach you step by step how to earn money with bitcoin

in paxful •  22 days ago 

1.- first step you must register on this platform http://bit.ly/2lSQKCB

2.- you must verify your account (email, passport and address)

3.- you must invest 0.02BTC (this will be used to trade)

4.- create an offer with any payment method (I recommend western union or moneygram) at 9 or 10% above the value

5.- wait for a purchase

6.- Make the sale, wait for the person to send you the payment invoice, go to WU or MG and withdraw the money.

7.- then release the BTC

8.- Buy your cheapest BTC at localbitcoin

9.- send the BTC back to the platform http://bit.ly/2lSQKCB

10.- you have earned 8% of the value sold in bitcoins ..

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