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RE: Path of Exile: Tier IV Maps

in #pathofexile6 years ago (edited)

As always, I'm impressed with your content.
As you know, by now, I'm not gamer.
I don't know when you get the time to play and write at the same time.
. . . . . . . but . . . . . . . . your efforts
in both are amazing, to say the least.


I’m just thankful all the writing I’ve done over past year has speed my writing ability up a fair amount. Still new things take a while to get down but once I find my rhythm it’s not like it was a year ago. I recall a couple of blogs I thought would never end and took almost a week of working on daily just to get out. I’m hoping for most part those days are long gone!

That is good and your writing has improved.
it will be good when you get paid what's worthy of
all the time you have put in.

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