Atlantis and The Ancient Temples

I have many memories of Atlantis and predating it.

Here are some of my memories…

Atlantis spanned from Earth all the way to Saturn.
All planets were full of life and flourishing.

The Inhabitants of Atlantis were illuminated.
Yes they knew the power of the soul and the power of the energy which runs through all giving life.
They harnessed these energy sources and used them to evolve to achieve walking dimensions, worlds and realms and it allowed them to have abilities such as telepathy, remote viewing and teleportation.
To heal, regenerate and yes to live thousands of years in healthy bodies that did not age.
They flourished on all levels and again this was due to the fact that they embraced their soul energy which is part of god source energy itself.

Atlantis was a multi planetary civilization.

There were temples on each planet that were multidimensional, these temples housed priestesses and priests who would tune the weather and do so much to keep everything flowing and energetically clear.

They would tune the frequency of each planet as higher frequency beings bringing more energy into the planet and this would make for extremely fertile land the crops would grow better bigger and more nutritious.

The energy work that these priests and priestesses did would make the planet flourish on all levels and this in turn would affect the inhabitants in a positive way.

These priests and priestesses also closed portals and opened portals, they monitored these portals and they were guardians of them.
They were divinely assigned to this by god source itself which allowed them to access much and they achieved this only because they did so much work to keep their frequency high and clear.

We need a return to the power of the soul like these majestic ancients.
We need to understand that energy and the soul is the key to all.
To healing to evolving and to other dimensions and abilities.

We need to understand that energy is what keeps us alive it’s a technology far above any other.

We need to focus on the inner and this is where our true power is.

We also need a return to the ancient wisdom within us, within our very DNA and use its knowledge gathered to heal this planet and close negative portals.

We need to open more energy portals on this planet that will allow life giving energy to pour in and nourish this earth and all the living inhabitants of it.

You’re allowed to access abilities and you’re given a pass to other realms dimensions and the ability to communicate with other being only once you do the inner work and clear yourself.
This makes your frequency go up and your allowed access to all.

Simple things tune us to higher frequencies.

Like being honest, truthful, compassionate, caring, loving, sincere and kind.
So do simple rituals like prayer and a healthy diet.
Visualization meditation, yoga and practicing self-care also.

Once you achieve a higher frequency you can access portals and clear out negative gridlines and you can close negative portals.
And this will affect you and the world in a positive manner.

Again I stress this so much.

But the power is within each one of you and it’s up to you to take it, claim it and use it to heal, to change your life into something beautiful and change the world.

There were temples on each planet from Venus all the way to Saturn and these temples channelled energies into those who would gather within them.

Some of the last remaining illumination temples on earth are located in Egypt.

Egyptian temples-

Each temple was a complex part of illumination. Each had a level of energy that the body could handle and as a person moved up in energy, they could go to another initiation of energy enlightenment. Each temple had different energetic exercises.
The highest energy levels would be like a degree. The priests or Pharaohs could only do this by going through the energy temples. This was a place where people that could manipulate energy were taken and taught how to use it.

The priests would energize each stone in the temple. Before the temple was built the priests sought out a vortex of energy. When they found an energetically charged spot. They blessed the earth. The ceremonies were done to request of mother earth if they could build the temple there. They would get answers from dreams and visions.
It’s not working in modern times because it is falling apart, the stones aren’t aligned energetically anymore.
They could weave energies psychically into the temple and create a flow of energy.
The grounds where many Egyptian temples are built on are ley lines that connect to the entire world. It would balance each human male and female sides.

The temples aren't working right now because the ancient priests would anchor the energy into the temple but now that is not happening. So now it’s not activated.

Sarah R Adams

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Thank you so much for sharing your memories my dear. I am really interested in these topics and my heart really enjoyed reading these lines. I hope we can create Atlantis one more time here on earth. Living in harmony and abundance.