You NEED to use a Password Manager!

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Do you reuse passwords? Or tweak them slightly by changing just a couple of letters?
You need to stop doing that immediately, and use a password manager instead.

In this video we explain what a password manager is, why you need to use one, criteria to look for in a good one, and really important tips for password management.

00:00 Intro
00:28 Why are Password Managers Important
03:07 People Can’t Type Randomly!
04:05 Criteria for Choosing a Password Manager
05:48 Online, 3rd-Party Services
08:35 Online, Self-Managed Vault
10:16 Offline, Self-Managed Vault
11:18 Best practices: CHOOSING A MASTER PASSWORD
12:22 Best practices: SECURITY QUESTIONS
12:52 Best practices: Autofill
14:16 Best practices: BACKUPS

EFF word list, and Password Manager Deep-Dive

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