Embrace what you LOVE! My Love for the 80's.

in passion •  9 months ago

If it's the silliest thing in the world and you love to do it and it doesn't harm yourself or others. Go for it don't let others judge you based of your likes and dislikes. I personal love The 80's.


neon sexy lady 2.jpg

neon break banner.png

Cheesy one liners


Hyper romance

That type of love that people get married for. The type of love people wish and dream of having one day with someone. Love that everyone yearns for.

Badass action

Cool Shades

shades mj.gif

I love and adore that stuff, some people think its silly, but i love it and it gives me life. And makes me happy! Let me know your love.

Have a great future and live life on!
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Love the 80s especially the girls with the big hair. I once saw a girl use a can of Aquanet. Crazy.

love 80s cause your teen or early 20s wish you were born into that era. or you are generation x and your grew up in 80s and best time ever.


Wish you were born into that era ;D Thats me.

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Wow this is a nice post I am a millenial, but i love 80's the song, the style, the people.. Thank you so much for sharing this with us @surprisebit