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Hello my fellow food cuddles :)

I hope you had a great Easter and I hope that this post will be helpful for those who love to eat but wants to eject as many as carbohydrates from their meals as they can. I am trying to be on LCHF diet but I don't have much time now to plan my meals STRICTLY by lchf rules but I try to keep those rules as a base of my meals.

I have to thank my brother for helping me with the preparation of this beautiful and healthy lunch. It was a bit too much for both of us but we shared it later with people who came to visit us at our home.

Bro I hope you learned to love cooking a bit more after this :) :)


I was trying to think about lunch ideas for Easter that would not be so expensive but healthy and easy to prepare. I knew that I must get plenty of vegetables and incorporate them with meat and some interesting spices. I love to have a wide variety of spices because with them you can make many dishes with the same groceries in many ways. You just have to try them once or twice before so you know what taste at what temperature and food do those spices give you.

There are a loooot of combinations and I cannot really tell you which one is the best for 2 reasons. One reason is that there are so many of them and each one gives a "unique" flavor. Second reason is that everybody has their own taste for every kind of flavors. I will just try to show you my cuisine and what do I do with those kinds of groceries and spices. Also, I will write details about just ONE OF THOSE COURSES (chicken with pineapple and honey) we made because there is plenty to say about every dish and again, I don't want to write a long boring post so I'll write about other dishes in other posts.

There were mengel soup, chicken with vegetables, chicken with pineapple and honey, salad and an ice cream.


I want to eat as healthier as I can. Found out that the LCHF diet is perfect for me. I want to write about this diet in some other post but I wanted to say that it has really helped me in my daily life. I've lost 16 pounds in almost 5 months (never gained them back), I've slept better, I've eaten much healthier and less, I had a lot of energy, I wasn't so nervous anymore, also that is the only winter I didn't get cold, etc.

There are a lot of benefits in LCHF diet and it is not only made for losing weight, but it is also made to live a healthy and fulfilled life with no constant worries about the food itself. I wanted this because food started to become my daily problem and I've spent years thinking about my weight and hiding in baggy clothes. Also, I've been teased and bullied for it and it left trace on my thoughts about food but only today, after many years I'm realizing that those bullies had more problems that I had.

Enough about that, let us talk about groceries and some healthy facts regarding them. Here I'll write about chicken, pineapple, honey dish.

HEALTHY FACTS and TIPS for 4 main ingrediets

Chicken with pineapple, honey and soy sauce


For this meal I've used bought chicken BUT I always recommend animals that were able to run free and are feed with natural animal foods. If you can, I want you to leave the skin on because it contains healthy animal fat. If you don't combine animal fats with carbohydrates it can be good for your weight.

On 3.5 oz or 100 g of chicken we get around 140 calories, 30 protein and 8 of totals fats which is pretty good for you to stay fit but also to gain muscles if you are practicing some sport or going to gym.


Well, I put honey in almost everything. In coffee, tea, cakes, homemade juices and spreads, meat, vegetables, fruits... really in everything. This is a grocery that cannot go bad so you can store it for years without of fear it can get all fungusy or something.

On 1 tbs of honey (20 g) we get around 65 calories, 20 grams of sugar, including fructose, glucose, maltose, and sucrose. with almost no protein, fiber or fats. You must be careful with honey regarding losing fat but It is so healthy I can't resist it.


I will say this 148 times but I love zucchini. You can make lots of salty dishes but also sweet ones with it that are in the shape of a cake or muffin or sweet cream, etc. One day I will make a post about zucchini chocolate cake that i love and would eat every day, just have to combine lchf rules to it.

On 3.5 or 100 g of zucchini we get around 20 calories, 1 protein, 3 carbs, 1 fiber which are perfect to those who love to eat plenty but don't want to gain weight.


I want you to use fresh pineapple, not the one from the can because we want to avoid processed sugars and additives. You can combine pineapple with all kinds of meat and also try to cook it with orange. it gives some pretty interesting flavors that at least I've not used to.

On 3.5 or 100 g of pineapple, we get around 80 calories, 15 carbs, 1 protein and almost none of fats. This fruit is an awesome way to boost your immunity and keeping your intestines healthy.

So let's get started :) buckle up


I am so sorry but I didn't write the exact amount of groceries I put in this dish because I put them roughly, by taste and I don't love strict recipes except for those that are written for sweets. Will have to think about that next time I will cook and post it here.





Soy sauce









Grounded smokey paprika




10 mins for marinating and stacking into baking dish

50 mins for baking

12 sec for eating :D haha


180 °C or 356 °F


  1. First, you have to put your oven on for about half an hour or when the little light goes off. I marinated chicken and pineapple separately from vegetables. I put them into a bowl along with honey, soy sauce, paprika, salt, and pepper and stirred until I saw that everything has combined. Put this aside for at least half an hour.
  1. Then I marinated vegetables (zucchini, carrot, onion, garlic). Simple, I put them into a bowl and stir with salt, pepper, dill, and parsley. No need to put this aside but You can if you will.
  1. I've prepared my baking dishes and put my marinated vegetables inside. On top, I've sliced my chicken and pour the rest of the marinade all over it.
  1. Everything was in the oven COVERED with baking foil for about half an hour and then UNCOVERED for about 20 minutes.
  1. Eat it but slowly, don't burn your whole mouth so you cannot taste anything as I did...


  1. Do you enjoy cooking and why?

  2. What crazy food combination can you share with me?

  3. Is your diet secondary in your life?

I hope that you've enjoyed my recipe and I want to know how was it for you, of course if you make it someday. Also, I want you to have a nice day and hope to hear from you soon.

Steem on! Cheers :)

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Happy Easter Cityofstars!!

Hope that you had a wonderful time during the Easter day and that you enjoyed all the foods.

Steem on! Cheers :)

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Nom nom nom, thanks for da mention sister. It was great and painfull experience since I was hungry and we cooked for 3 hours.

#neveragain just kidding :))

Oh come on bro :D it was awesome, and productive and we had lots of food till the end of the day. Not to mention that we learned something new.

We'll cook again soon. It Will be something sweet like a cake or a muffin. Can't wait!

Steem on! Cheers :)

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haha it was awesome, I agree :D

Whatever is easier and faster to cook :D :P

Sir, yes sir! :D

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I want all of you to have a good day :) Steem on! Cheers :)