Android Frustrations

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I've currently hit a financial downturn in my life. This is partially due me and my wife deciding to become a single income family and partially due to recent medical concerns. Since money is kinda tight we had to make some sacrifices, and the internet had to go. This has forced me to access Steem on my Android phone and I have found the experience to be extremely bothersome.

Condenser Sucks

This is true in general, but especially so on mobile devices. The user experience is just horrible. The worst thing about this is that my new favorite frontends - #palnet #Steemleo and #weedcash all use condenser and so they inherit the poor UE.

Busy And SteemPeak Have There Own Problems

On my PC I normally use Busy or SteemPeak a my go-to #Steem apps. On my phone the preview and writing iverlap each other making it almost impossible to write on busy. SteemPeak offers me the best user experience on PC but it just doesn't translate well in a mobile browser.

What About Apps?

At first I tried the development version of eSteem.

I then used the regular eSteem. It worked. But it was just not satisfying. I'm posting this using Partiko and while u like it better than eSteem I still find it cumbersome. I somehow managed to post this When I was only half way through writing it.


Hopefully something better will come along soon.

Until next time, Keep Steeming!


Sorry to hear about your woes.

I ve been dealing with mobile posting for a while now. Palnet seems pretty easy to post from and Partiko helps keep all the comments from all the apps together. Partiko gets less clunky as you use it more.

Single income is great for the one who gets to stop working. You get to really analyze your budget and make moves to improve it.

Many things that save money take extra time, so being home really helps out.

I saved my family lots and lots of money when I stayed home, but we were very wasteful and hadn’t even noticed.

Of course, it’s easier when you have a “real” choice.

Better luck and better health.

Thanks for your comment! I'm thinking I'll generally stick with Partiko. At least it allows me to earn points for post promotion.

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