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Today was kinda hectic.

We were supposed to get up by 9AM to head over to Pyramid.

We only got to Pyramid by 2PM.

Our appointment was at 3PM !

I parked my car and asked BabyBoo to wait in the car as I ran to G2000, grabbed a black pair of trousers and white long sleeve shirt with a free membership application in.

Then drove my Honda racing car to Korea Artiz. We got there in time by 3:02PM. 2 minutes late. We didn't have any late penalties. Thank God.

BabyBoo was first. She tried gown after gown. Total of about 12.

After she was done, I was hoping to put on a fashion show.

But I only put on 5 of them.

The big day is tomorrow.

We have to get there by 9. Traffic jam will be a concern as it is rush hour by 8. That has got to be factored in.

I hope I can post some good news about what happens tomorrow.

I still have work to do in the mean time. A few clients for copywriting to attend to. gulps

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