Sickness and Poverty 疾病和贫困

in partiko •  13 days ago

Sickness is a common occurrence in life. It is almost impossible for a person to be totally free from sickness throughout a lifetime. And it is a common phenomenon to fall sick and come to the end of a lifespan. Sometimes, we just have to accept that the consequence of a serious sickness would lead to death. However, if it is avoidable, it is better to live on till the very last breath.

Therefore, those who are working in the hospital should not lose sight of healing and rescuing people from untimely death. However, quite many hospitals are inclined to become commercialised today. And these hospitals are meant to serve the rich and those who can afford the ever increasing medical bills.

Perhaps, it is necessary for every doctor and those working in the hospital to be reminded that the patients may die due to sickness but never poverty. And this is a huge challenge facing not only those working in the hospital but also the public in general. Unless our society is more caring for one another, likely the hospital will continue to incline herself to be a commercialised institution.





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