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RE: Will Partiko be what Steemit should have been?

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Awesome, great work for giving this some more exposure as I totally missed this.

One thing I would be keen to know more about is how they'll be able to ease the onboarding process, say 5,000 (let alone 50,000) people want to sign up, how will they be able to create so many accounts for these people? I assume that's far more than the amount they could create with their current resource credits? I can see that accounts are being claimed, but I don't think it will be quick enough for Feb.

Maybe I'm missing something, and this is more of a comment to as to what needs to be done to help, rather than being negative :)


Great question! This will be a very tricky task and we need to be really careful about it. We will need to reach out to every single user of the 50k blogs and ask what's best for them. Some of them just want their blog posts' archives, and we will help them with that. Some others would love to have a new home for their content, in which case we will help them get on Steem! We will delegate SP to their account to help them get started, and we will reach out to the community for help if we ran out SP.

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oh, i hadn't thought about that. This is a YUGE limiting factor.