Get rich by delegating to @diytube

in partiko •  4 months ago 

Today was another payout day of diytube and I received the highest amount of steem I got so far from @diytube!

You can also generate passive steem/sbd income by delegating to diytube!

More delegation leads to more payout for the delegators: BLING BLING!

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If I delegate a certain amount, I will receive payments for life (as long as Steem "lives")?

That is super cool!! Thank you for your delegation!!

You will receive payments as long as steem exists and as long as you are supporting us with your delegation :)


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Oh I saw you have 23SP yet.

I would encourage you to collect some more before delegating to any project or dapp. You need yours for yourself at the current state of your journey here!
But come back if you have around 100SP on you are ready to share some of this with us :)


That's tempting indeed.

what's that about?

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

It's about curation of good and valuable DIY content on DTube. Just check the channel @diytube our for more information!
If you have any special questions just let me know :)

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Thanks for this. Will do. Though I have never heard of this account, or at least not

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That sounds super cool :) Thank you in advanced for your delegation and thank you right now for your comment and resteem!


Quite welcome. I'll see you on the flip side.

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@dlike also pays with STEEM/SBD to their delegators.

Can I ask you how much did you delegate to @diytube?

Yeah of course I can answer you this! I delegated 1kSP and because we have under 3kSP we can not play with the big projects like dlike, partiko, share2steem and so on ...

But that is not our intention. We are here for a good and selfless support to creators on DTube. So delegators have a win-win: karma and payout ;)


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Ok this is cool . I have 2 question this will give weekly payout only ? And the return which we can see in snap shot is how much STEEM you delegate to it so you got this return ??

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Hey mate!

I delegate 1000SP and receive this 0.4 steem weekly. That depends on the voting of @diytube and the rewards of the voted posts etc etc.
Feel free to ask more if you want :)


hi and nice stuff with diytube but i always have problems with the upload at dtube. hope in the future they will fix the problems.