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Yesterday, or rather, the whole last week something happened, which didn't get the publicity it deserved.

Something that could change the future for Steem by attracting ten-thousands of new users.

@partiko made a big huge move.


Partiko's Move Against Censorship

On the 12th of December (7 days ago) Partiko released a statement on twitter, towards tumblrs recent ban against all pornographic content.

Not only did they make a statement - but they also created a tool which allowed any Tumblr-blog owner to save & backup their own blog. Just 2 days after the announcement, they backed up over 10,000 blogs.

And fast forward to today, over 50,000 blogs have been saved.

Partiko is going to bring masses of people to Steem

As it turns out, once Partiko is ready for them in February 2019, all of the 50,000 blogs are going to be available.

Do you know what this means?

Possibly over 50,000 people will come flocking to Steem. People that aren't primarily interested in making money, but in just wanting to be able to post their content, without being censored.

And do you know what the best thing is?

Partiko's path? Deliever first, cash-in later

All of this is being done, without Partiko relying on Steemit Inc. delegations. They're not even taking benefactor rewards.

I'm a big believer in judging people (& projects) on their actions, not only in their words.

And the fact is, Partiko so far has always over-delivered. Especially when looking at what they've received in return.

Based on the data of Steem Apps, it is the 5th biggest project (out of the 25 listed there) sorted by Daily Average Users, (not yet counting passive users and voters due to missing blockchain data) but they have only received 224 STEEM in a week.

That's nothing compared to the value they're bringing.

Only recently, over 200,000 Steempower were delegated to Partiko from the Steem community - which is not that much, considering most bid-bots based on postpromoter forks (which require pretty much 0 skill) have more Steempower than that.

However, that's not what Partiko is about.

Partiko has a plan: Bringing new users to Steem

When I was on Steemfest3, one of the best presentations I saw was the one from Partiko's founder @crypto.talk.

The way @crypto.talk presented, reminded me very much of how Steve Jobs would present new apple products.

I even told him that myself and his answer?

I do watch a lot of Steve Jobs

I had to chuckle a bit when I read that. :D

But I don't want to go too much off-topic. What I want to explain with this story is that everything Partiko has done (which was heavily influenced by its founder) has been done with a plan.

They didn't rely on funding through Steem, instead, they brought value with a superb app for android & ios.

And after providing that value, advertised in a smart way by adding the little posted using partiko text under every comment & post made via the app.

Will Partiko be what Steemit should have been?

But what about the clickbait title? What do I mean with that? Can partiko really become what Steemit should have been?

Well. I don't believe in talking about topics for the 5th time. (Steem Apps wouldn't have been developed in 2 weeks if I'd be that kind of a person.)

Fact is, Steemit Inc. realized they focused on too many things at the same time - and decided to switch completely on blockchain development from now. And I 100% agree.

They should have done it from the beginning, but afterwards one is always smarter and who am I to critique someone for that.

However, what this means is that Steemit Inc didn't focus completely on making Steemit the best social platform it could have been - otherwise we would have a much more advanced Steemit.com (condenser)

But Partiko is doing exactly this!

Partiko is focusing completely on making people feel welcome on Steem

Partiko is doing exactly what Steemit wasn't able to do (not saying it's their fault, just stating a fact): bringing people to Steem and keeping them. (I'm talking retention rate.)

That's why I brought up the Tumblr initiative because this shows exactly what their focus is on.

And more accurately, this is their roadmap:

Q4 2018: Partiko Messaging for iOS, Save Tumblr campaign
Q1 2019: Wallet, Tumblr user migration
Q2 2019: Build better onboarding experience
Q3 2019: Growth campaign
Q4 2019: Partiko Exchange

Now, to close this post up, I would like to share a 1-minute video, recorded of @crypto.talk at a private event on Steem Fest 3:

And to answer a possible question: Why am I writing this post?

Well, I'm just excited to see that we've got our own Steve Jobs on Steem - and his name is @crypto.talk.

And his product?


Do you believe that my work is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.


The opportunity to grab users discarded and abused by centralised platforms is a huge one and its fantastic to see Partiko grabbing this opportunity with both hands.
I'm thinking of increasing my delegation to them.

 last year (edited)

@partiko @therealwolf So I read more on this right, and as we all know, i'm all about Steem, but with adoption we must be careful because the same pedophiles that made a community over at tumblr will also flock here. In the articles that I read, tumblr had a huge issue advancing because of it. I welcome all morale users of tumblr to come here AND IM GLAD THAT YOU ARE DOING WHAT YOU ARE for MORALE users, but my God, if I have to start using all my steempower to flag pedo's then i'm not gonna be to happy... I believe in censorship resistance but i mean come on.

Truce but no Truce

Thanks for the thoughtful response! What's cool about a decentralized community is that, you get to see what you want to see. If you follow a certain tag, like #food, chances are that you won't see a lot nsfw content, unless nsfw content creators all of a sudden started to add the food tag to their posts, which is very unlikely to happen.

Does that make sense to you? Let us know if you have more questions! We are always here to help!

Posted using Partiko Android

I can respect that, and you do state facts. I guess in a shorter concern, I think I just want to say "Let's be prepared" I think we have a great system that handles NSFW content and as with most anything, there will be bumps in the road that us as a community will have to handle. Steem On!!!! #salute

Super well said! Hopefully you will get a chance to try out Partiko soon!

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this is exactly the kind of smart leveraging we've been dying for from "leadership" ,,, aweome thinking, this is "real business" smarts !

now is the time to shine

Exactly! Big fan of your user photo!

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That is an outstanding effort to seize an opportunity to bring more people to the platform.

The real question is: what would it take to do the same for FACEBOOK? How can a Facebook account be ported over for new users? How do we setup viewer circles to help privacy and at the same time promoting inclusion. Many people are tired of social sites that are abusing their trust, privacy, and not sharing the benefits.

They didn't rely on funding

They absolutely did rely on funding, possibly self-funding. What they didn't rely on is Steemit delegation or some other vehicle by which they use reward pool as a money spigot to fund their business. Bravo and we need more of that.

Also, nice work @crypto.talk and Partiko!

as long as something is grabbing market share, grabbing users, that's what we need now... we need bodies, then things can happen organically,,, there should be 100,000s here instead of tens .... or less !

Yeah, my use of words wasn't optimal.

Changed it to:

they didn't rely on funding through Steem

Good Luck filling a lawsuit against people you don't know in countries you don't know

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Just wish it wasn't phone based. :(

I also saw this as a GREAT move even though I hate porn I can recognize the intelligence in this move.


I'm glad you made a post recognizing it.

Funny thing, before this post, I learned about it on Twitter, not Steem.

Just wish it wasn't phone based. :(

Oh yeah, same here! I personally hate posting anything using my phone, but maybe I'm just old-school :P

I can't do it! Maybe a twitter like line, but no way, I'm typing an entire paragraph on my phone. :) I'm old school too.

Funny thing, before this post, I learned about it on Twitter, not Steem.

Yeah me too.. :(

That's what I meant with which didn't get the publicity it deserved.

people need to stop sucking with resteems, I'm one of them I just keep forgetting to resteem posts as often

If you download Bluestacks you can use Partiko on your PC or laptop!

Posted using Partiko Android

Does Bluestacks work for Mac?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Sorry, I don't know, I don't have a Mac.

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Great! Their presentation at SteemFest was nice and promising, those actions speak even louder ;) There is a reason why I delegate 500 SP to @partiko :)

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Yes, their presentation was amazing, but the tumblr action blew my mind - super smart!

Hi @theaustrianguy! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 500.0 SP delegation to @partiko.

Partiko is leading the way for dapps on the steem blockchain. 😎

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank you so much for your support all along!

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Sorry but I am a bit sceptic to people who can't even spell "Feburary" in an official announcement.

Thank you so much for the amazing write up! We will do our best to live up to our promise!

We would also like to thank everybody who's contributing to the Steem ecosystem! Steemit Inc, Smartsteem, SteemMonsters are all bringing value in their own ways! It's only a matter of time before the world realize how amazing we are!

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Smarter move. Ich teste Partiko seit einer Woche und werde in der kommenden Woche einen ausführlichen Bericht schreiben.

Schläfst Du eigentlich noch?

Posted using Partiko iOS

Schläfst Du eigentlich noch?


Just kidding :D

Natürlich schlafe ich noch, aber genau jetzt ist die Zeit mal richtig in die Tasten zu hauen.

Awesome, great work for giving this some more exposure as I totally missed this.

One thing I would be keen to know more about is how they'll be able to ease the onboarding process, say 5,000 (let alone 50,000) people want to sign up, how will they be able to create so many accounts for these people? I assume that's far more than the amount they could create with their current resource credits? I can see that accounts are being claimed, but I don't think it will be quick enough for Feb.

Maybe I'm missing something, and this is more of a comment to as to what needs to be done to help, rather than being negative :)

Great question! This will be a very tricky task and we need to be really careful about it. We will need to reach out to every single user of the 50k blogs and ask what's best for them. Some of them just want their blog posts' archives, and we will help them with that. Some others would love to have a new home for their content, in which case we will help them get on Steem! We will delegate SP to their account to help them get started, and we will reach out to the community for help if we ran out SP.

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oh, i hadn't thought about that. This is a YUGE limiting factor.

Where is the black turtleneck?

Selling censorship resistance is a much easier sell than promising money for your posts. That's why I'm using Steem dapps myself - censorship resitance comes first, money second. So a very smart move by Partiko. You don't need to start explaining to people where the censorship resistance comes from, they just get it. With Steem payments nobody will get it even after you've talked about it at length.

On another note, how are they going to onboard all those users? Do they have some kind of solution in the works? I know some dapps are working on something and even some witnesses like @ura-soul has an account incubation project going on.

give us an easy way to chat with people on the Steem blockchain ...

pleasssseee I am begging someone!!!

Use @partiko , there is a chat function. Simple!

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It already exist on Partiko, it was announced on steemfest

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!! I've given you an upvote and left you this amazing automated comment!!

what a wonderfull action! i love partico. its the best app i ever saw. There are no lags and no problems with this app :)

Fantastic observations man and i agree with you. The moment i saw partiko i knew it was special.

been a huge fan boy since and i think they are just getting started.

the tumblr news is such a win!

Posted using Partiko iOS

The moment i saw partiko i knew it was special.

That's also my feeling: this is why I wrote this review on the App Store! ;)

A huge hug from @amico!

I love Partiko so easy to use and I can for once keep up with steemit comments. Good post friend!!!

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Possibly over 50,000 people will come flocking to Steem. People that aren't primarily interested in making money, but in just wanting to be able to post their content, without being censored.

The problem is that this is not posible right now with the RC System.

Posted using Partiko Android

Without a doubt a good move, partiko will bring more people to steem, all this commotion is because they are sure that it will be a success

Greetings from Venezuela!

Thank you so much for the good word! Hopefully you will get a chance to try out Partiko soon!

Posted using Partiko Android

All that could be possible indeed if it's truly organised. I love @partiko

Posted using Partiko Android

I just recently discovered partiko and think it's amazing. I can now engage with the steemit platform from my phone rather than going to my desktop or laptop to do so. So much easier.

Posted using Partiko Android


Congrats for doing it right...


Partiko as a desktop app would be realy nice ...i want to use my points but i dont want to write Article on the smartphone!

I second this, as a desktop app it’d be really perfect since typing on a smartphone is quite fickle!

Posted using Partiko iOS

I think it does have that potential given how great their application has been so far. I move seamlessly and now can’t imagine Steeming without it! While there are still some items that need work on, the development team has shown both their interest and capability to attend the requests of the community! Looking forward to their growth for sure!

Posted using Partiko iOS

We will definitely work hard to make Partiko even better!

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes, Partiko is an amazing app for steemit. This app is so easy to use and comfortable.

Posted using Partiko Android

There is a real vision behind the @partiko team, which makes Partiko 'more than an app', but a complete project that is making smart decisions and adding value without taking it beforehand. I love that and I am in awe with their action on targeting these specific Tumblr accounts. I had no idea this action of them was embraced with already 50.000 saves, that makes me SO excited! Targeting 'the banned' or 'the deplatformed' is one of Steem's low-hanging fruits and @partiko seems to have found a way to do just that.

it's like actual biz sense and strategy .... HOW REFRESHING !!!! (-:

Definitely making a huge difference. I am watching the space.

Posted using Partiko iOS

As said by you first they provided the service and then they have raised steem power is what i believe is gaining trust and then using that trust to further do more good things and no doubt @partiko is doing a really very excellent job and i am really happy about it.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hopefully, it will bring more than 50,000 new users and ones that are active and will be active for a long time! That would double our daily users which is estimated to be around 40-50k at present.

Thanks for letting us know about this as it did not come across our radar too! 👍

Posted using Partiko Android

i'm lucky i got in on partiko, they are the best thing going on steem, as of today (sorry not into steemmonsters)

Awesome! We will work hard to make it even better!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you so much for this post. Opportunities like this are many, but few seem to be doing anything tangible about it. Thankfully, Partiko is.

Thank you so much for the endorsement!

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@Partiko to the moon! Sida @crypto.talk is a Man! Thanks to Partiko I've got my ticket to SteemFest3 and because of that I have upgraded my camera and that changed my Vlogging journey! Totally grateful 🙏
They are doing amazing job on Steem Blockchain and should have delegation from Steem itself!
Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi @therealwolf. I find a light of hope with your article. Steem value can grow again with this killer app (@partiko). @ned also wants to create his own version of killer app, however partiko is a reality.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you so much for speaking highly of us! We noticed you are low on SP, would love to delegate 15 SP to help you a bit! Let us know if that's what you want!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you @partiko. I appreciate your help, that's what I want.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you @partiko. I appreciate your help, that's what I want.

Posted using Partiko Android

Done! Hopefully it will be helpful!

Posted using Partiko Android

I forget to mention that steemit users can Focus on spreading the word about this app. This Will help bring mass adoption quickly

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome! Sending welcome messages to new users in #introduceyourself will be a great idea!

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks for this. I found it an interesting read. I have been a steemit lurker for about a year and a half now. At that time I’d have thought steemit would rival reddit and medium for popularity by January 2019. I’ve been recently reading and thinking about how steemit is ‘broken’. I’ve got high hopes that maybe Partiko can fix it.

Posted using Partiko iOS

EDIT: I’ve been recently reading and thinking about how the steem blockchain is ‘broken’ due to the the behaviour of bad actors on steemit and how the value this has created is all false. I’ve got high hopes that maybe Partiko can fix it.

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

I’ve been trying to get my sister on here since the tumblr fiasco started, hopefully she’ll join us if her friends jump on 😄

I’m really curious how that blog import thing is going to work out (can it preserve creation dates etc) but currently just glad someone even thought to do something like this to make migration an easy option. Great opportunity spot!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for this great post, @therealwolf: resteemed!

@partiko roadmap is awesome: I'm particularly curious about the exchange: will be a p2p?

Wow !
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat !

Partiko ♥ LOVE ♩♬

Posted using Partiko Android

#partiko is just great.
You made the point right.
Easy to use and way too easy to post

Posted using Partiko iOS

I have been telling Tumblr peeps all over the place to use the Partiko transfer tool. No one has specifically responded "thanks, I did that" but I'm heartened to see just how many people have done it so far!!

Nice! All the best! Wishing things will begin to look up in February at latest!

Posted using Partiko iOS

They should also go after the people leaving Patreon for censorship issues!

Thanks for the reminder!

Posted using Partiko Android

Partiko is doing nice job by bringing new users to steem platform.

Posted using Partiko Android

Great News, that is real business smarts from Partiko right here! Dtube should do the same with abandon Youtubers and Appics with Instagram users, if they have the means to do this.
I would also love to see having access to other Steem Apps from within the Partiko App itself, in the future. That would be the kind of Steve Job Goals!!!

Posted using Partiko Android

A friend recommended I install #partiko about a month ago. It is now my 2nd most used app on my phone. I find it really useful, especially since it can integrate chat (when both parties agree) on it. The sky is the limit and yes, I agree with what you wrote. This can bring the masses to Steemit that aren't interested in making money off it. This is fantastic news to me.

While my tumblr account is not adult-oriented, I did import it through Partiko to see what would happen. As far as I could tell, all it does is create a read-only backup that you have no control over. I don't know what the ultimate plan is or if there is one but right now it has nothing to do with steem. Unless I'm missing something. If ultimately you could get a steem account created and your tumblr blog entries posted there (even if it had to happen over time which it likely would), then that would be something.

Holy crap if this is true then I believe Steemit will be saved!

Posted using Partiko iOS

50,000 Tumblr blogs backed up? Wow, that's impressive. One should not forget that not only can you get rewarded here, but that this place is also resistant against (centralized) censorship.

Unfortunately the internet was built on porn. The demands for fast internet bandwidth made video load times as quick as they are today.

Now I am a proponent of free speech and and i see the effects in my country of unfair speach laws. And there are many other countries that have the same problems.

In the end tumblr was only being used for NSFW content. Hopefully Partiko will continue to be SFW viewing as well. But I believe Sida and the @partiko team will be able to get us where we need to be.

Posted using Partiko Android

I hardly use partiko because it is phone-based. I wish they could just do a desktop version, because then everybody would be using it.

Same here @giantbear

Blogging on mobiles is not what I like to do. It's not efficient at all.

If you bring garbage from the garbage to your home, garbage will not become something good, and your home will turn into a garbage can

I’m such a big fan of the cover photo! Super nice done! @therealwolf

Posted using Partiko iOS

The more people know about @partiko and @crypto.talk, the better!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Go @crypto.talk !!!💪 🙌🙌🙌😃

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you! Your drawings are amazing! Keep up the amazing work!

Posted using Partiko Android

Ohh Thank you so much!!!😄🤗 I'm really happy you liked🖼🎨😃😚ah ah

Posted using Partiko Android

Great post. I will delegate some of my SP to them ASAP!

Posted using Partiko Android

Partiko is doing great sir.
Sir as you support to steem community to make it great in future.
I also started a competition to make reading a blog an great experience with some rewards.
Sir if you will participate in it than this competition than it will be great.
Here is the link sir https://steemit.com/steemit/@sumit1998/win-1-steem-in-my-every-posts-just-follow-resteem-upvote-and-comment-and-win
Hope you liked this idea

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Yes! More pornographic content on Steem ;-)

My only concern @therealwolf is that @partiko may not be earning enough to remain in business. I hope they have enough funds to continue their great work and I want them to succeed as a Dapp and also as a business.

Someday it would also be nice for them to run their own full node in case @steemit starts charging for the use of @steemit's full nodes.

I personally don't agree that @steemit should have been focused solely on blockchain development since the beginning @therealwolf as Steemit.com is the major reason for Steem's real use cases and Dapps but I agree that they should direct their focus on blockchain development now.

Thanks for another good post @therealwolf 👍🏻

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@therealwolf, I believe in Partiko and I think it's one of the most promising dApps on STEEM Blockchain.

Posted using Partiko Android

As a practicing Christian this really concerns me and would make me think twice about being on a platform where porn is celebrated.

waooo, you say that Partiko, issued a statement indicating to its users that they censored all kinds of pornographic publications and saved 50,000 Blogs, and that those same users can migrate to Steemit in search of their publications, where they will fill the community of Pornographic articles? I would not really agree that Steemit will allow it, no matter how much the community or the platform grows. Steemit is to publish information of another type, not of pornography, in this platform there is diversity of people of different beliefs, religions, etc., and I believe that respect should prevail in each of the publications that we develop. regards

Great article @therealwolf, and yes @partiko is promising in their plans and actions. They have my full support, very trustworthy indeed.

Posted using Partiko Android

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They have mobile. More people are on mobile than desktop. Steemit sucks on mobile. Now all we need is a good mobile wallet.

Posted using Partiko Android

Great post ! To be honest, @Partiko changed my life on Steem !
Best app I came across.
Do you think they might try to issue tokens instead of points at some point ?
Take care

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks! Super glad to hear that! We are closely following the smart contract and token technologies on Steem, and will announce as soon as there’s something available!

Posted using Partiko iOS

It's amazing what a willing party can achieve on solo efforts. I also wish to say as much as some of us have problems with it being only a phone based platform, I'd like to argue that most of us also love it for the same reason. Especially the fact that androids users can access it (which are the majority).

Thank you @partiko

Posted using Partiko Android

Can’t wait to see what other surprises Partiko may have for us.

Been an awesome experience! Simply insane to think that a single app could have so much impact!

Now we have a on boarding solution! Did not think of that part of what was mentioned in that post 😅 great hype!

Posted using Partiko iOS

yea ... we'll see how long they're not interested in making money and how that works out with #article 13 when we get there i guess ...

Nice app partiko

Posted using Partiko Android

Hmmmmmmm... Sounds very much like a viable project and I think I'm loving it. @crypto.talk could you please share a link or somewhere to read about the benefits of posting using Partiko has over esteem and steemit website. Or if @therealwolf or @partiko could help out too.

The biggest benefit, is that it just works! It says fast and beautiful Steem, and it really is. It never crashes or lags.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Alright. I'm just being cautious with whatever I want to venture into. I need to know, what it'd be costing me and what benefit(s) I stand to gain, whether in the short or long run.

What would it cost me to use the app?

Does it add any value to my posts and earnings?

Apologies if I'm sounding myopic, these and more are details an average user will want to know

Partiko is free to use, and it takes no cut on author earning. Not sure if you are asking that.

Partiko allows me to reply your comment immediately after you commented me, thanks to the push notification system. It’s unparalleled.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Oh... Thanks. I also wanted to know if it takes a cut on author's earning.

LinkedIn to download? Or is it available on Playstore?

It does not take cut on authors’ earning ! And you can directly search Partiko on the google play store!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for your time and audience.

Starting today, I will be promoting @Partiko to all my social media streams.
I already convinced 2 of my friends to join steem and use partiko.
I still there is one more I am reaching to download the partiko app.

I am excited about the next update on the iOS.

Posted using Partiko iOS

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This is awesome. I had no idea you could do all that stuff with Partiko. I need to reinstall it. Now, if I can just get my 5-year-old son to delete Badland Brawl so there will be room for it. :(

I really wish they had a desktop version though. It sucks to try to type long blog posts from a mobile phone.

I think steemit is dead. dead dead dead. So many people got turned away 8 months ago when people came to see what it was all about. They couldn't understand the platform and so so so many couldn't even get signed up. I was promoting it like crazy on my youtube and facebook platforms and way too many people said the sign up process was impossible.

YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION. Steemit lost out. If another platform comes up and uses the steem blockchain, it could work.

PEOPLE are STARVED for an alternative to youtube/facebook/twitter. They HATE the censorship and desperately want an alternative. Also, it was disgusting how @ned thumbed his nose to the many conservative users getting censored at youtube/facebook/twitter. They left, I left....and unless a major upgrade gets rolled out, I won't be back.

Now, were to put all my steem??? Partiko?

Yay i can continue following cosplayers fron around the globe this is good news (some cosplayers post semi nudes or topless pictures or even full nudes )

Posted using Partiko Android

Wow, this is the first I heard of that. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. People will def be looking to find ways to protect their archives the same way people will look to protect their assets during a recession. -Truce