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Very valuable post. A great lesson for all to read and take to heart.

Focusing upon the surface level is a mistake. Too many look at Steemit like this is a large part of the STEEM blockchain. It is not. The site is something right out of the 1990s. There is nothing exciting nor innovative about it.

It is still the flagship simply because all users are still directed here for signup. That is about to change with HF20. At that time, the dapps will start to exert even more control. People are amazed now, wait until there are 100 or 200 dapps all on the STEEM blockchain passing out tokens.

There is a lot more to come.

As for Steemit, that is going to experience a major upgrade albeit not from the Steemit team. The Bench team forked the software and are improving it. If Steemit wants to incorporate what Bench develops, they will have the opportunity for instant upgrade without having to program it themselves.

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In finding the growth underneath the trending page, it’s important to fight against my own emotional reactions. This is the part where most humans fail, and why real success is so difficult to achieve. We have to fight against this urge to go where the herd is... the ones who succeed wildly go where no one else even breathes... and they convince everyone else to join them.

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