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About five months ago I feared Steem would be MySpaced. I was wrong.

I have a very intense fear of being MySpaced. I dread being on a sinking ship sailing along with all my cheerleading buddies, as we all sing Kumba-Yah to one another, while the rest of the world just laughs at us until our ship gets numerous holes and just slowly sinks down to the bottom of the sea.

In short, there have been significant times throughout the last two years on Steem that I feared the project would just die a slow, agonizing death and all my time would simply be wasted. All my friends would then just say, “Told you so”, and I’d have to start all over, again.

Throughout Steem’s short history, I have taken breaks to explore other projects. This is part of my core personality, as sometimes I get frustrated or just burned out by something over time. Taking breaks is very different from abandoning all hope. I took a break recently back in March and began working for a different project, ONO, which is a decentralized social media platform that is being built using EOS.IO software. Its blockchain has not been built yet, and it’s really in its infancy stage, with its app launched in April 2018.

I was excited by the core principles in ONO’s white paper and began immediately to do a number of things to help it develop after I thoroughly researched the team. I wrote a Hackernoon article which took over 3 days of research to write and then I talked directly to the CEO of the project, Ke Xu.

I rewrote the white paper in English with help from @inquiringtimes and was able to complete this fairly monumental task in a few weeks. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, as I was only using Google translate, translating from Chinese into English. The existing white paper was quite unintelligible so it was necessary to source the original Chinese text for much of this process. From there, I took on a large amount of work, developing many aspects at a very fast pace. Before long, I was spending a massive amount of time and energy on this project.

I traveled to China a few months ago and had the rare chance to meet the ONO team and the CEO and founder Ke Xu. I saw first-hand how hard the team works and how operations run. There is a huge communication divide between the Chinese and English speaking staff. I have no experience working with a Chinese team, and the challenges were a bit off the charts, in terms of figuring out what was happening.

When I returned from China I decided to resign from ONO for several reasons, one being that the communication between the Chinese team and myself was becoming too challenging. In many ways, I felt completely worn down by the communication barrier. The other reason is that I felt English-speaking people would not be the dominant user base in ONO due to the fact that around 80-90% of the existing users on ONO are Chinese.

There was also something published in the Chinese media which was a mistake, due to a lack of understanding, and I had to do some PR damage control regarding that. The issue involved the mistake of publishing that John Milburn used to work for Block.One (he in fact never was employed by Block.one) and after I confronted the person responsible for publishing it, I learned that his knowledge on the topic of EOS, Block.one and the EOS mainnet was not too extensive. He corrected his mistake after I pointed it out, but by that time, the mistake had already circled around some Chinese media sites.

After a few experiences like this, I was left feeling a bit uneasy and also like I was dealing with amateurs as far as publishing and marketing efforts were concerned. For me, I was uncomfortable with the lack of editorial control regarding all that the staff decided to publish in Chinese media. This lack of control made me feel vulnerable, and ultimately, it was the primary driver of me resigning.

I am still optimistic about this project in the long run, and think it has a big opportunity considering how WeChat has basically dominated the entire social media market in China. I believe with a stronger management team, ONO could really do well in the future. My resignation does not mean that I don’t support the project from afar. I am hopeful that it does well and I will continue to keep up with its development.

The best thing to come out of working for ONO is the fresh perspective I now have about building blockchains and establishing communities. Building an entirely new blockchain, along with a functioning community is extremely difficult.

One could build a blockchain without too much problem, but once you add humans, this is where the true challenge comes in. And then adding monetary rewards further complicates the nature of the project. Things can go wrong pretty fast from here…….

Leaving the Steem ecosystem for a while was a very healthy thing for me to do because when I came back, I could see the new dApps that are being developed, and the new community growth around them. I see Steem in a completely different light now.

Let me explain.

After returning I noticed the huge influence the bidbots have over the trending page, which is one of the first things new people will see. If you’ve been on Steemit since the early days, you will know that the trending page has always been the Achilles heel of the Steem system. No one will ever be happy with one trending page that is a mish-mash of every conceivable topic. It’s simply not possible to make everyone happy. But underneath the bidbot activity, there’s something else going on in the background: communities forming around the many dApps and sites which use the Steem blockchain.

I first noticed this because I downloaded the Partiko app after seeing tons of users with this tagline, “posted via Partiko app”. Then I noticed that the Steemhunt community was growing, with people like @teamhumble finding their place as moderators. This led me to musing.io where I saw that @littleboy was answering a lot of questions which interested me.

Of course I noticed the Steem Monsters and Actifit posts as well. I knew about the Utopian platform from a while ago, and then User Authority came onto the scene, too. Suddenly, after seeing the Steem ecosystem in a new way, I could see where all this is headed, and I had to come to the realization that I was wrong about Steem’s future. 5 months ago, I can’t remember seeing any of this growth, and I felt that Steem was headed towards the coffins of MySpace, due to the fact that it neglected new users and the flagship site, steemit.com, was the most user-unfriendly, outdated 90’s site imaginable.

But after analyzing what’s currently going on plus reading @fknmayhem’s post, I think I now agree with him…….the Steem ecosystem is undergoing rapid growth and development, and our feeds will soon become a mishmash of different Steem apps, all competing for our attention:

“As more SteemApps are built on the Steem blockchain, and more new users join, whether via an apps’ site and stay on the site or become active users across the platform, we will see always more ‘content vertical’ specific updates in our feeds. That also because rewards, the factor which drives most behavior on Steem.” -@fknmayhem

Soon, the lackluster steemit.com site won’t matter at all, and everyone will slowly forget that it even existed, because they will be happily contributing to some new app that gives them rewards for their community involvement.

Steemit, the website I think was never intended to give users a warm fuzzy feeling. It was only created to show other developers what was possible, as a kind of living model of possibilities. It was not created to disrupt Facebook…..what site that took itself seriously would be in beta for over 2 years?

It’s clear that the development is going in a different direction. While I disagree with this approach, I now think I understand it better, and therefore can let go of any attachment I had to steemit.com. It would have been a lot easier, if someone would have just explained this all upfront, but I guess that also would have made it feel like we are all guinea pigs (which we are).

So I predict in the future, near and far, the different apps will all be attracting the users due to their increased reward mechanics and superior user experience. Look no further than the experience on steemhunt.com for understanding where we are headed. And our Steemit blog feeds will be a mess, as well all experiment with all the various dapps, sites and specialized user experiences that developers will offer us. The apps with the largest communities will survive, and the ones that don’t take off will die off.

It’s even more clear to me now that the Steem blockchain is one giant petri dish from which an innumerable amount of dApps can spring.

It’s anyone’s guess which dApps will be successful, but the same business rules apply now that have dictated successes in the regular business world: building a real community of users, rewards paid to new users, engagement, a passionate fanbase, and smart decisions.

The users will follow the rewards from these new dApps, and it’s anyone’s guess to determine which dApp will bleed over into the mainstream.

Will Steem have its own Cryptokitty moment in the future?

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I am also worried about Steem's future. The prices and popularity are bad now. I have been here for 8 months. The Steemit project got me very excited and
I have powered up my Steem power when the price was 1.4 USD. I can invest more but I am worried about the future of Steemit.

I heard for the first time about Steemhunt. Thanks for mentioning.

I think you did well just taking on a new project, discovering 'what's out there', and drawing your own conclusions about it.

Even though this blockchain and its dApps are not centralized and we don't have to be afraid of being manipulated into some algorithm that gets and keeps us into a bubble, also on Steem we can get stuck in a huge echo chamber with one side being super pessimistic and one side being overly optimistic.

I'm on the optimistic side, by the way, but that also means I like to read people who are just as optimistic as I am, lol, thus creating my own echo feed :D

Going away for a while and really seeing what has changed and what direction Steem is starting to develop must feel like a breath of fresh air :-)

Glad you're back and seeing the beauty of all that's happening here, I see all that you've mentioned in your blog as a great overview but also as just the beginning of all that is to come \0/

Very valuable post. A great lesson for all to read and take to heart.

Focusing upon the surface level is a mistake. Too many look at Steemit like this is a large part of the STEEM blockchain. It is not. The site is something right out of the 1990s. There is nothing exciting nor innovative about it.

It is still the flagship simply because all users are still directed here for signup. That is about to change with HF20. At that time, the dapps will start to exert even more control. People are amazed now, wait until there are 100 or 200 dapps all on the STEEM blockchain passing out tokens.

There is a lot more to come.

As for Steemit, that is going to experience a major upgrade albeit not from the Steemit team. The Bench team forked the software and are improving it. If Steemit wants to incorporate what Bench develops, they will have the opportunity for instant upgrade without having to program it themselves.


In finding the growth underneath the trending page, it’s important to fight against my own emotional reactions. This is the part where most humans fail, and why real success is so difficult to achieve. We have to fight against this urge to go where the herd is... the ones who succeed wildly go where no one else even breathes... and they convince everyone else to join them.

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I'm glad you are back. Although from now on I will always associate you with bananas! Change is good, and I have learned that we should just go with the flow and see where it goes here on Steemit. We have all worked hard to make this what it is and even if we don't agree, there is not much we can do until we see the final product. xx

There is certainly a lot of new positive developments happening in Steemit. Thank you so much for highlighting the Partiko iOS. I have been using esteem apps and will give Partiko iOs a try.

I feel the same way as you. I looked around and researched a lot. Steem has the largest blockchain based Social Network Community in the world. Just like you I was very fearful of getting Myspaced last 6 months but now looking at what's coming and already starting to happen I how no doubts Steem is heading for the path of mass adoption. Most critics are only looking at Steemit.com and not what forming on the Steem blockchain. The Steem Total Eco-system is what will give massive longterm value to the token. Someone once said on here that once a dapp has surpassed Steemit.com in popularity that's when you know the project was successful! There's so much going on now with Steem Apps I can barely keep up with it. Reminds me of Ethereum in late 2016 before the price exploded.

Stella, I for one Im happy to see that you are back, to see that you are comfortable opening up like this, sharing yourself on the platform.

Differences aside, there is something akin to core community here, for better or for worse. A group of people that refuse to leave, refuse to give up, and have decided to battle this out till the bitter end.

I'm with you on many of the frustrations you've shared, regarding the steemit landscape, but just like you, I've chosen to focus on the blockchain itself STEEM and look past it.

I got my head up, I'm looking forward to possibilities, to a decision that might be life changing not only for me, but for everyone around me, everyone I love.

So again, I'm happy you are back... welcome home.


Thanks for your message. I think for me it’s healthy to be critical so that I am not blindsided....so the last five months have been a huge growth period. People forget that all us early adopters took a massive risk by putting out energy here. We risked a lot so we will either be doing very well in the future or will perish together! Lol

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I think Steem will do well in the end although I think the price will go down in the short run.

I have also taken a look at a few other platforms like Minds, Narrative (which is still very early on), and was waiting on ONO English. I lost interest in all of them and have become very devoted to be a part of STEEM's success.

I'm much newer to this platform than you (6 months) so I think I don't get as discouraged by things that can seem like devolution to old timers, but have always been here for me. I've never cared what was on Trending. I started off searching for tags that interested me, and quickly found writers I like to read who were willing to engage with me. That set my STEEM experience off on a great track, and no amount of bidbots, trending pages, or self-voting whales has ever detracted from my opinion of the place.

I think it's good to recalibrate expectations so that where STEEM really is in its development is seen more beta. We are still so early on. And yes, HD20 where people won't have to start on the clunky steemit website and also STEEM stops being thought of as steemit in the broader world's "mind" will all be a huge part of that.

There are actually 400+ STEEM dapps right now, though only about a dozen are full fledged UIs like steemhunt, dtube, etc. We stand at the initial stages of something truly unique that has strong first mover's advantages.


This is good insight and I didn’t realize some like you aren’t bothered by the issues here

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I am happy to see you back. I'm sure you noticed I started distancing myself from ONO shortly after the delays started, but once the announcement was made that it will not be on the EOS mainnet I took down my video and will not support it in good conscience. I wish them the best, but my understanding of the Chinese government and censorship leads me to believe that being on a Chinese controlled and centralized blockchain will essentially inhibit global adoption and ultimately create a liability for liberty minded users that already face punishment and government harassment for their social media interactions. These are just my thoughts and based on my own experiences, but I still appreciate the opportunity that I had to learn and grow from it. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but either way I'm glad to see you back here, because I think 2019 is the year the STEEM blockchain is going to go full speed to mass adoption.


Yeah there were other red flags too and a gut feeling that I just could not wipe away... i hope for the best... I wonder when the Steem cryptokitty moment will be? In 2019? Shall we make a bet?

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If your looking for a nice desktop interface for steem try steempeak.com, I just heard about it this weekend it looks great and has a ton of cool features :D


Thanks for the suggestion, Yeah I heard of it. I actually just use mobile for everything but if I need desktop I’ll check it out

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yes, if we switch to projects like @steempeak and support the growth of this, then Steem will grow too.

Thank you, if it wasn't for your post I would have missed outon the airdrop.

I have also become excited about the ecosystem growth. I feel that the apps are helping to create comunities. They are putting the social back in social media.

This new sense of community, has me delegating to things I believe in and that are beneficial to the larger communiy. Creative solutions are being implemented to address problem that are facing the platform.

I also believe the timing is great. With the low price of Steem (buying opportunity), a number of people aren't active on the platform. Which means that many people who remain active are committed to the blockchains success. As these communities grow and gain support, we will see there influence when the price of Steem raises and people flock back for the money. I think they will be shocked to see how things have improved.

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I have tried, minds, Trybe, (waited since May for OnO ? ... and steemit is the only one that pays in a currency that I can change into Silver and Gold. hard currency

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Omg You sailed way past me on Partiko Leaderboard!

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I am stuck on my iPod over the weekend

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Taking breaks is a healthy practice , it helps to gain perspective , I am on a semi-break right now as I am not finding a lot of new material to read or new creators to engage with on Steem.

Amazing post and I wonder what has ONO done lately and how you feel about the future of Steemit. Since there seems to be a clock on the relevance of Steemit now that there are more DApps being built on EOS.

Right now I want to see a timeline and investement devoted to push the marketing of Steemit and the Smart Media Tokens which has been less than transparent and see a release date.

Also would love to see these DApps grow in quality and be able to get some finance from Steem or other vehiecles to keep Steem relevant, and its Blockchain grow to an EOS level.


I’m thinking about EOS and the fact remains that EOS is an incredible complex system to navigate. It’s easier and less complicated to develop on Steem now. The RAM, CPU requirements for EOS make it more complex from my perspective. I think the savvy well funded developers can use EOS and maybe the bootstrap types will use Steem. Just my opinion

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Dan’s new projects will be coming out in next year so by end of 2019 we will all know. Best to get onto all of them

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"the rare chance to meet the ONO team and the CEO and founder Ke Xu"

Wow, I'd heard of ONO in the media, but I had no idea you were involved with the project!

"Will Steem have its own Cryptokitty moment"

In a good way, I hope!. Though I don't think the grinding of Steem to a standstill by a dApp is likely any time soon. After all, according to Blocktivity, poor old Ethereum is straining at 100 percent capacity, whereas Steem has twice the activity, yet is at only 0.09 percent of capacity. Yay Steem.

The future is definitely dApps, and it's most encouraging that developers are simply doing it, and not waiting for STINC to save the day.

I wonder what experience or knowledge you have of Trybe on EOS, a potential competitor I recently heard about?


I have not used trybe yet

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@Whatsup wrote about trying it, and said it seemed slow. But as it's the first social media from EOS, it's probably worth keeping an eye on.

At the moment, they are giving 100 tokens to people who sign up. Currently the tokens have no value I understand, but will be converted into something of value later.

I worked in Hongkong for a year, back in the mid 90's, and yes - the communication and cultural differences make it very very hard to work together without friction and misunderstanding..
(as a westerner)

It's hard to explain, unless you've experienced it..

Ahhh first of all i love to Thank you for coming back..👍 secondally you must be feeling a lot relaxed by sharing everything heartout that you have gone through lately.... Welcome back 🙏

And after all this writing such a detailed post about each of the dapps and steem future i too getting positive vibes of sticking here..with whatever i am managaing. As a user i can i say I am enjoying...evolving is the essence of surviving...and with so many options it is good to explore every aspect on steem....

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I think a lot of people see/saw steemit as you did. I think if people looked at steemit as Netscape, AOL, or Compuserve, instead of looking at steemit as PC-Dos, Microsoft, IBM-Dos, or Apple,(Steem), they will see steemit in a different light. View steem as the operating system, and steemit as the browser. At least that is how I have been looking at it, I could be wrong though about the whole thing, and comparison.

@roelandp Deep Learning has decided this post is most similar to yours

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Totally agree with your post on where Steemit is heading. The numerous developments based on the platform is the evolution that we all need. There is still much potential and I’m opsteemistic. :)

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This is proof to never lose faith and still believe in this outstanding project that we call Steem blockchain. ;)

I might be one of the few here which met you first on the ONO telegram channel than reading your steemit blog. I believe one of the big advantages Steem has are its user base and the two-year experience the project has. As with any other community, users are the ones driving growth if the project offers them the tools to grow and that is what is going on here.
Actually, I'd like to get in touch with you about a new steem dApp if you give me a way to contact you off steem :)
Welcome back!

My opinion is that STEEM is actually #1 as far as tech innovation, actual usability, and community but I can't say that it is "undervalued" as far as the market is concerned. It is even better than EOS because there is 3 years of development here. The market has spoken though.

People don't like the weird experience here and the feeling of confusion about how other accounts are super powerful on here. The ones that get past that and understand how STEEM power works quickly realize that in an attempt to catch up they would have to commit hundreds of thousands of dollars to get enough power to possibly support themselves off their efforts.

There were a few people like yourself who were able to make a sizeable amount from being a content creator but no one can really come in as a content creator at this point and support themselves without powering up a lot of outside money. That isn't a good situation for something that is trying to be a content platform.

It is hard to say what the future of the platform is. A lot of people will feel pretty devastated by the price collapse and the work they have put in that vanished in a very sort time.

I will always keep a position in STEEM but I will always be deeper in other projects because of all the missteps here and the lack of effort to fix them.

What a great opportunity, to go to China and interact firsthand with the ONO project. Thank you for your insight into that, and your views on the future of the Steem blockchain. :-)


Thanks for reading this lengthy one

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Are you supposed to attend at london?
I guess Dan will announce about steem 2.0 at there.

Thanks for the update on your experience w/ ONO, and for your insight on how Steem is evolving. I guess when you've been working on something a long time, it's helpful to step away for a bit, get some perspective, and come back with fresh eyes and a better understanding.

Wow. Thanks for the information about the hunt airdrop because I had no idea about it. Since I have a pretty good amount of SP that drop should be pretty solid for me.

I'm fascinated that you actually went to China. I did notice that you were mostly posting about ONO, and I wondered if Steem was no longer your cup of tea. I'm glad to hear that you are seeing some of the awesome changes. I really think rather than getting Mypaced we are going to get Facebooked and rise up to become something incredible.

Hey Stellabelle :)
Always smile when I see your name come up in my feed.
Steemmonsters is going to be our cryptokitties, and then some.
The gameplay is already incredible in the demo matches I've seen, and top cards are selling for thousands of dollars.
Haejin and Bernie each have substantial decks, so the flag wars may well shift into the splinterlands.

You probably have a better overview than most having worked with another project and its great you are back with us. I'm amazed at all the apps springing up around Steem. I do think they could do with some sort of brand to show they are 'Built on Steem' as it's not always obvious. We have a great community here and I think that will carry us forward until it goes viral. Steem on

Thanks for that @stellabelle. It is good to get from time to time an overview on the whole steemit project from people who grasp what is going on behind the main website.

As a new user to steemit platform, I am relieved to read something from experienced person.

I was actually looking for a platform writing for quality articles and planning to create website for it.

Then I found steemit platform and I am already aware of power of blockchain and having a good time in here now.

I hope this platform becomes somewhere like open university learning and reading having fun with a lot of activities so that people would not look a new places instead.

Awesome writing by the way.

Is Ono available in a desktop version or is it just an app on your phone? I made an account there but never really figured it out. There are a few possible contenders to be the facebook that makes steem myspace



I am probably going to put most of my efforts towards Trybe

Steemhunt once you have a few successful hunts it becomes really easy to make hunt tokens just by upvoting, hard to guess how much the token will be worth you may not want to waste vote power on something that may not be worth it though.

I go thru periods where i hate Steem, but I keep coming back


Right now it’s only mobile app

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Yeah that is a deal breaker for me, i hate typing on my phone

It is interesting to read about what you think Steemit will become in the medium term, it seems that a radical change in the way we conceive this platform, we must adapt or die.

Nice to have you back and see your positivity about Steem. I also see some great developments happening. Steempeak is a great interface and partico is great when on the go. The community is the sauce that holds it all together and I can see that that is growing strong. Even though the grass appears to be greener on the other side I think Steem has a great head start and we all nurture it it will succeed in the end.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Mine is somewhat similar, and your post pushed me to finally write my view on this topic as well (which I was delaying for some days already).

Steem is really the OnLy game in town ...

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Hi Stella,

Thanks for broadening my perspective on Steemit and providing me with info ( in one single post ) that would have taken me loads of time to figure out myself. This actually gives me some hope for the future of Steem(it), too.

Lately, I started to feel like I should just be happy with / accept that this is a good place to share my creativity / creative process - and focus on that - and that the connections I make on here are the most important. The money I'd consider a bonus. I guess that's a healthy idea, overall. I didn't really see much of a future in Steemit. I think I see one now...

That ONO story sounds like quite an adventure. I thought trying to make a Spanish feature film on a small island ( something I tried my hand on in 2016/17) was one but, damn, this is a whole different ball game.

Thanks again and have a great rest of the day! :>)

I have to admit I only understand a bit of what this is about. I know that I love steemit for many reasons, one being as an artist the amount of other great artists I have met. I hope we don't disappear and can grow in some way. Who can say?

Good to have you back stella! I think it's good to stay critical, but Steem indeed has involved spectucularly. I am very curious to see how the new dapps will "rule" Steem.

I love Steemit. Although, I have only been a here a short while, I can already see the value added with this type of platform. I do believe this will be grow to be an even bigger platform as more and more users come on board. I know I am trying to recruit people all the time.

@stellabelle Im so happy to see you back! I was sad to see you left to go to ONO, I even signed up with an account there but couldn't quite get to grips with the platform. What do you think of Trybe? Have you come across it yet? That is also on the EOS blockchain from what I understand.
Thank you for the steemhunt tip I have just logged in and claimed my airdrop tokens just in time! I guess I need to figure out how to use it now haha
BB x

As much as I want to say "I told you so" about ONO (like cool project, cool energy, but going to run into a LOT of problems and serious cultural boundaries that none of us are going to want to deal with), I know it was with the best of intentions that you went on that journey and I'm sure it was a great learning experience. I wish you spoke to me when I was warning you and others in the ONO/steemit chat on telegram, I wasn't criticizing, I just understand the culture well enough to predict what you described.

I am sure there will be way worse than what you saw but that doesn't mean the project won't accomplish some great things or that people have bad intentions, there is just a whole lot of mess sometimes and it can be really uncomfortable and hard to make your point heard in those kind of situations.

I think you've done a really kick ass job of explaining what is going on with steemit right now! You really helped me to contextualize it. I think from this post I can finally see Ned's vision. I don't know if I like it all that much, but I'll be along with everyone for the ride. I am still very interested in how this all pans out. I am also interested in these other platforms, ready to start at Narrative and ONO when I can, but ultimately my time and energy will go towards the platforms where artists and content contributes are valued for being who they are and a sense of community is something that everyone is working for. Honestly, I love discord chats more than any of these platforms, but the blockchain is a great way to monetize our work and also to find each other.

@stellabelle “Steemit, the website I think was never intended to give users a warm fuzzy feeling”. .Yes, finally someone else says that! I have written (& vlogged) about this several times. I believe the Steem blockchain was built to attract developers, which is exactly what’s happening. Steemit the site, just might be MySpace one day, but then, it won’t matter - most everyone will be using the apps that are built here. Let’s hope so 😊 Great read - Thank You ✌🏾

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Thanks for the mention.

Steemit, the website I think was never intended to give users a warm fuzzy feeling.

I couldn’t agree more and I definitely agree that it’s by design. Steemit only was meant to server as “centralized roll-out platform” to bring attention to the blockchain and find a core audience who would start promoting Steem.

As more HardForks followed, the platform matured and eventually became an attractive proposition for dApps to build on.

Sneak was already vocal about that at SteemFest 2. I think that gives us great stewards in Steemit Inc. Of course, they aren’t perfect but they definitely seem to know where to take the platform and they also seem to navigate the waters becoming a “real company” rather well.

Thanks for sharing the experience, stellabelle. I think trying new platform and comparing with each other is good experience anyway, glad you are back. Being Chinese myself, I stay cautious about any China based social platforms, because various reason, mainly policy and culture part.

Wow - you just basicslly listed all of the dapps I've delegated to and started using....

And that's just the beginning.....

@miniature-tiger's monthly post on payouts across different apps is interesting - check it out - it's useful list of dapps and analysis! (His latest post I think).

I'm tempted to set up an alt account to post 'short posts' from.. it's getting to that level now.

What are your thoughts on steempress btw? Odd one that - getting rewarded for NOT posting primarily on steem.

Anyway rambling.... you've been here longer, clearly know more about the tech than I do, but you've literally just described my last 3-4 months here - one of diversifying. So spot on!

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@stellabelle, thanks for writing this- that makes so much sense about steemit.com showing but not embodying a taste of what's possible and to come. I also took a long break around the same time. I'm more enticed to come back and be more app-heavy. Thanks much!

Thanks for being so open in your story! I appreciate catching up via your post...


I still wonder about long term sustainability of witnesses with an ever growing blockchain size.

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This was an enlightening perspective as sometimes we think “the grass is greener on the other side” but glad to see someone with your development and experience back engaged with our community. I too have been impressed on how this ecosystem is growing and integrating some dynamically. I recently say a post from @gtg that shows a visualization on how the ecosystem has grown and expanded that is truly impressive and think you will enjoy. Despite the challenges, there is so much more that can be done and when projects start to increase adoption via upgrades like hiveminds or protocols like Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) the sky is the limit!

I am glad to read these thoughts @stellabelle - even I am not agreeing to all your points but with your general outlook on Steem as a blockchain and the potential we still have and which is growing. Re ONO I saw it coming kind of - wishing them all the best too - hence I was often asking things as part of my due diligence or what I thought I have to ask and I also know quite good how it is to work with companies from China.

You have a very balanced take on the whole situation.

I agree that we’re probably going to see some weird things happen, some things will be great and some will suck.

We’ll see great content, and we will see terrible content. Great Dapps and utterly atrocious Dapps.

But the bones of this ecosystem are good. I think the core of what we can do here, and what most of us want to do, is great. I believe I’m here for the long haul, and I’m excited to see what happens.

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