"Friday----And (Once Again) I Got Nothin'..." by Richard F. Yates

in partiko •  2 months ago  (edited)

Wow... I try to be productive. I try to write and draw and create something every day, but SOME days, I just don't have much in me. (Low motivation, poor energy levels...and I even have a bit of a headache...) And, overall, I'm just feeling LAZY.

I mean I HAVE finished a couple of drawings today, but I'm not (mentally) together enough to WRITE anything interesting to go along with the images. ("Thou shalt not present words without images, nor, contrary-wise, wilt thou publish an image---graven or otherwise---without words!" So sayeth the Winged Editor in the Sky!) But writing is HARD, and I want my words to be funny (sometimes scary) and clever---not boring. However, as the self portrait above clearly demonstrates, I'm just feeling FUZZY today. No good. Can't seem to come up with any enjoyable nonsense.

I mean, the day isn't over, yet, though...not completely... Maybe, later this evening or tonight, I'll be struck by a BOLT of inspiration. ("Tickled by a Serpent's Feather," as we often say.) If so, if I'm granted the gumption to MAKE, I'll share the fruits of that inspiration with all the good and kind and interesting people out there. If not, if the MUSES fail me, then just try to enjoy this fuzzy mess of a drawing (for a few seconds), and shed a tiny tear, then try to remember back to when I DID create something that was more entertaining... I'd appreciate that.

Maybe I need a candy bar... Or a popsicle... Somethin'...

(Meanwhile, tomorrow morning, the wife, the younger daughter, the younger daughter's boyfriend, and I are heading to Long Beach, Washington, to experience the joys of the Jake the Alligator Man birthday celebration. [Car show, parade, musical performances, a dog costume contest, vendors, and something called the "Bride of Jake" competition!] I'll try to post SOMETHING on Saturday and Sunday, either a quicky drawing/story combo or an update from the festivities. Keep an eye out on Monday or Tuesday for a complete write-up of the weekend's adventures! Until then, stay klassy and super keen!!!)

Later skaters!

---Richard F. Yates (Lazy Holy Fool)

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