Easter Egg Giveaway #9 Winner Announcement!

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Hello Partiko lovers,

We hope you enjoy the latest update for Partiko iOS! Here are the winners for the Easter Egg Giveaway #9!

1. Resteem count at the bottom of post page

Winner: @chekohler
Post: https://steemit.com/partiko/@chekohler/easter-egg-giveaway-9-for-partiko-ios-entry-1-9p5aoa77
Prize: 1 STEEM
Transaction: https://steemd.com/tx/b38f403a0645b9444db996be9e406777a42b629e

2. “Flag” to “Mute”

Winner: @davidchen
Post: https://steemit.com/partiko/@davidchen/partiko-ios-easter-egg-mute-instead-of-block-c6neyuxp
Prize: 2 STEEM
Transaction: https://steemd.com/tx/b14fe5a864bf788b9f9a889fab7b0d3c7009ba6f

3. “Publishing” to “Replying”

Winner: @davidchen
Post: https://steemit.com/partiko/@davidchen/partiko-ios-easter-egg-replying-message-vmgoxivy
Prize: 4 STEEM
Transaction: https://steemd.com/tx/afeefa703a82e91aefdafc6101783a24a28aa927

4. [Unclaimed] Fixed the bug where the title text gets truncated on the post publish page

5. [Unclaimed] Fixed a typo on the payout detail page

6. [Unclaimed] Supported comment draft

Congratulations to all the winners!

And thank you everyone who participated! You made Partiko who we are today, and we're going to continue to make it better for you!

Download Partiko and Try it Out!

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  • Directly download the Android package here. SHA 256 checksum: 32648472c43fe62e10ebeec7553fce4744eae914d1ed0015b895c2188d62daa0.
  • Download the iOS version of the App Store.

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Onwards and upwards,
Partiko team

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Men... this app is soo cool!!! So many features

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Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Congrats to all winners. You did a good job. Best of luck 💙

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When will there be a PC version for Windows?

Thank you so much for the interest! We will have a web version in Feb, 2019!

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Thank you @partiko.
I'll be wait!


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Waiting for android update ;)

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Congratulations all winners. 🎉

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Congratulations to all winners.

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你那里天气如何?还在发愁自己的好文没人发现,收益惨淡吗?记得加上cn-curation标签,让飞鸽传书 帮你走出困境吧!假如我的留言打扰到你,请回复“取消”。

Congrats to winners :)

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